HTML-StarterKit is a simple, modular HTML5 template to kick off your responsive websites.

  • By Daniel Riemer
  • Last update: Dec 9, 2022
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HTML-StarterKit, version v4.3

A simple, modular HTML5 template to kick off your responsive websites – written in SCSS and based on the BEM naming convention

Speed up your workflow

HTML-StarterKit contains everything you need to create responsive websites: Stop caring about doctypes and ubiquitous HTML parts – just start developing.

Modern web standards

HTML-StarterKit is based on HTML5, styled using SCSS and is completely responsive out of the box. See the demo page.

It's free!

HTML-StarterKit is free for both personal and commercial usage under the terms of the MIT license. So fork away! :-)

HTML-StarterKit contains the following files


HTML5 based index file with common meta tags, links to CSS- and javascript files and exemplary content.

styles.css / styles.min.css

Compiled stylesheets built from SCSS files.

functions.js / functions.min.js

Use functions.js for your personal scripts and functions.


The scss folder contains all styles, including Normalize CSS-Reset, basic styles and placeholders for frequently used UI elements as well as media query settings for common viewports. Following a modular approach each section and module has its own scss file. HTML-StarterKit comes with a set of handsome mixins and functions ready to use.


Version v4.3 (18.06.2021)

It's been a long time. Couple of minor updates. Nothing big.

Version v4.2 (09.02.2020)

  • Updated form components, including custom style select dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Extended .grid__cell—offset to .grid__cell—offset-l and .grid__cell—offset-r to add grid-based margins before and after the cell
  • Optional sticky masthead
  • Applied proper BEM structure to font weight and family variable names
  • Removed meta name="description" from HTML head
  • Updated normalize.css to version 8.0.1
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v4.1 (19.03.2019)

  • Added CSS classes for font-sizes and font-families for more styling flexibility
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v4.0 (10.03.2019)

  • Fully revamped grid-system based on flexbox
  • Node Build script (hat-tip to @niklaskoehler!), solves Issue #4 Leak! :-) Comes in future version.
  • New spacing classes mt--x (margin-top, specify with s, m, l, etc.) and mb--x (margin-bottom)
  • Gathered all settings for global styles and components in settings.scss
  • Other minor optimizations and bug fixes

Version v3.9 (18.06.2018)

  • Back to S, M, L system for font-size and line-height variables
  • Moved utilities.scss from components to core
  • Updated normalize.css to version 8.0.0
  • Bugfixes

Version v3.8 (15.05.2018)

  • Back to S, M, L system for width and spacing variables
  • Bugfixes

Version v3.7 (25.03.2018)

  • Improved grid scss structure and new CSS classes to offset grid-cells individually

Version v3.6.2 (18.01.2017)

Version v3.6.1 (10.09.2017)

  • Bugfixes

Version v3.6 (07.09.2017)

  • Create highly dynamic grids with freshly integrated offset classes for grid cells! Following the same naming pattern as the grid cells' widths, it's super-easy now to offset cells individually. (Sorry, for the bloated grid.scss: There's probably smarter ways to do this, but basic stuff tends to work best anyways. ;-)
  • Variables and class names for screenwidths now use display-types instead of s, m, l etc., e.g. grid__cell--huge-screen-1-6
  • Added more (bigger) spacing settings and classes
  • Removed --s and --l modifiers for grid and gutter (barely used them)
  • Removed card component
  • New font size function lets you set font-size and line-height individually
  • Mediabox component can now be used with (embedded) videos
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v3.5 (06.10.2016)

  • Exchanged color map with a set of color variables
  • Cells within a guttered grid now have a bottom margin equal to the gutter
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v3.4 (22.04.2016)

  • New grid system! Control width of cols for each breakpoint with CSS classes
  • Added CSS classes add margin-bottom to elements
  • Fixed link to normalize in base.scss (Thanks @chriswhawkins)
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v3.3 (30.01.2016)

  • Better file hierarchy: All globals are now stored separately in scss/core
  • Inline media queries
  • Added various CSS classes for common text styles (light, small, etc.)
  • Isolated print styles in one file
  • Even smarter color management with color variables and a color map for more detailed coloring.
  • New card style component
  • Touch-optimized form input fields
  • Removed IE-specific Meta-Tags and paths to favicon and apple-touch-icon from HTML head
  • Inline SVG Logo (finally!)
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v3.2 (17.01.2016)

  • Now using the BEM methodology, a „highly useful, powerful and simple naming convention to make your front-end code easier to read and understand, easier to work with, easier to scale, more robust and explicit and a lot more strict.“ Read more at
  • Color variables organized in a Sass map
  • Changed grid naming from „flexrow“ to „grid“ and „col“ to „grid__cell“
  • Extended grid settings: You can now set various gutter widths by class name
  • Removed modules „Expandable“ and „Accordion“ since they are not necessarily needed in your project (You can still grab them on Codepen though: Expandable and Accordion).
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Version v3.1 (23.08.2015)

  • HTML-StarterKit now includes a basic accordion and expandable content that works with super little js
  • New button styles, including three different sizes, ghost buttons and a combo-button
  • Simplified file hierarchy by moving all scss partials to ‚components‘
  • Optimized a hell lot more for performance sake (removed jQuery for example… :)

Version v3.0 (04.05.2015)

  • HTML-StarterKit now comes written in SCSS (Very beta! Feel free to comment)
  • Rather than limiting the body to a fixed width, now each section has its own inner-wrapper (.) for more flexibility.
  • Supported IE version: 9+

Version v2.5 (05.11.2014)

  • Added the new main-element to global CSS-Reset
  • Added a new version of Respond.js (to support the new main-element)

Version v2.4 (03.08.2014)

  • Aaaaand… Modernizr is off again. Just because there ARE cases you won't need it. One request / blocking element saved.
  • If you care about IE8: HTMLShiv is now included inline in the head, wrapped in a conditional comment (previously part of Modernizr). Another request / blocking element saved.
  • Added "-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;" to the CSS to improve font rendering in Firefox on Mac OS X

Version v2.3 (30.03.2014)

  • Added Box-Sizing Reset in CSS
  • Re-added modernizr.js as there is hardly any case you don't need it
  • Minor performance tweaks and bug-fixing

Version v2.2 (13.11.2013)

  • Switched font-size unit to rem (including fallback for IE8) for FlexRows and FlexForm
  • Removed modernizr.js and added html5shiv.js instead
  • Removed all apple-touch-icons but one
  • Fixed link to local jQuery fallback
  • Moved font-related declarations from ‘body’ to ‘html’
  • Minor CSS changes

Version v2.1 (13.10.2013)

  • NEW! Responsive tables based on Stephen Hays approach – which is just plain brilliant (
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.10.2 (latest version that works with older IE versions)
  • jQuery now loaded via Google CDN with local fallback
  • Splitted up polyfills.js and moved files into separate folder to simplify individual usage.

Version v2.02 (06.10.2013)

  • Performance tweaks (optimized images, included additional minified styles.css and removed webfonts – yeah, again)

Version v2.01 (01.10.2013)

  • Minor bugfix

Version v2.0 (30.09.2013)

  • NEW! English version!
  • NEW! FlexRow cols now float using display: inline-block rather than float and have a fixed width gutter (see faux margin with borders for more on this: Say “Bye bye” to Clearfix! :)
  • NEW! FlexForm, a simple, responsive form template including new HTML5 input types, like URL, search, tel and others.
  • Replaced all IDs by classes (e.g. #masthead is now .masthead) to avoid specificity
  • Added new Apple-Touch-Icons sizes introduced with iOS7
  • Screwed IE7 support: All fixes and hacks for IE7 have been removed from style.css

Version v1.5 (31.08.2013)

  • Merged base.css into styles.css to save a http-request
  • Webkit browsers now hide placeholder when focussing input fields
  • Added .htacces-file for gzipping, caching and other stuff to speed up performance (based on

Version v1.4 (17.06.2013)

  • Removed hgroup and dialog tags from base.css as they were dropped from HTML5 spec
  • Switched order of Modernizr and CSS files (Modernizr now loads after CSS as recommended by the Modernizr creators)

Version v1.3 (25.03.2013)

  • NEW! Introducing FlexRows, a flexible grid to get your content in shape.
  • Removed web fonts
  • Switched from PHP to HTML
  • Deleted from base.css (deprecated)

Version v1.2 (10.02.2013)

Version v1.1 (23.01.2013)

  • Updated jQuery to version 1.9.0
  • Removed empty placeholder pseudoclass (Triggers weird bug in Firefox)
  • Added links for Favicon and Apple-Touch-Icons to the header and DEMO-Icons

Version v1.06 (02.01.2013)

  • Back to Respond.js (see version v1.04), as the CSS3-Mediaqueries script seems to have issues in combination with Selectivizr plugins.
  • Merged all IE polyfills into polyfills.js
  • Bug fixed in iOS.js

Version v1.05 (17.12.2012)

  • Small improvements

Version v1.04 (12.12.2012)

  • Respond.js durch CSS3-Mediaqueries.js ersetzt

Version v1.03 (04.12.2012)

  • Optimized fix for iOS Scaling Bug

Version v1.02 (26.11.2012)

  • Updated jQuery to version 1.8.3
  • Small bugfixes

Version v1.01 (24.11.2012)

  • Small bugfixes

Version v1.0 (20.12.2012)

  • Initial public release



  • 1

    Problem with small resolution images getting cut off in mediabox cards

    Hi there, thanks for the sweet & simple HTML Starter Kit!

    I adapted it on a small website and so far it works pretty well, but I am facing an issue with images using the mediabox classes from the Demo site: when images are not longer in width but in height, and overall in a small resolution, they will be cut off - or I'll have to make them over 2 rows taking up way too much space on the site. See attached screenshots for an example.

    zitrusfrisch html-starter-kit small res images - example code inspection zitrusfrisch html-starter-kit small res images - example preview

    Additionally I had to fix the card-figure margin (figure,audio,video{margin:10px}) in the CSS in order to make each Card better visible next to each other. I'll push a commit for this fix that you may review.

    Is there a built-in way to fix this? Probably I am just doing something wrong? Otherwise I'd be happy to hear about how to work around this issue somehow.

    Thanks, Oliver

  • 2

    Typo or ...?

    In the section "HTML StarterKit contains the following files" says the file index.phpbut in the repository this file does not exist :)

    Typo? :)

  • 3

    Feature/node sass build

    Hey @zitrusfrisch,

    I've seen Issue #6. So I just build a little build task, that compiles your styles.

    You'll find a description that explains how to build your styles in the readme

    Have fun with it ;-)

  • 4

    How to build ?

    Hello ! Your project use scss but do not reference which tool we need to build it. Compass ? libsass ? autoprefixer ? And to minify js ?

    A package.json with some dev-dependencies for builder tools could be appreciated.