CSS Framework for Dummies, Without Classes

  • By Yegor Bugayenko
  • Last update: Jan 8, 2023
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Tacit is a primitive CSS framework for dummies, like myself, who don't know anything about graphic design but want their web services to look eatable. No classes, no layouts. Just design plain and simple web pages compliant with HTML5 and they will look OK.

Details are here: yegor256.github.io/tacit

Just add it to your HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/yegor256/[email protected]/tacit-css.min.css"/>

Or simply download tacit-css.min.css and use together with your HTML by adding:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="tacit-css.min.css"/>

Of course, it is responsive and mobile-friendly, but you have to add this line too:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>

This blog post explains it in even more details: Tacit, a CSS Framework Without Classes.

How to contribute

Fork repository, make changes, send us a pull request. We will review your changes and apply them to the master branch shortly, provided they don't violate our quality standards. To avoid frustration, before sending us your pull request please run full Grunt build:

$ npm install
$ npm test

To develop it locally, open index.html in a browser and then run:

$ npm run dev

Now you can make changes to .scss files and refresh the page in the browser. CSS will be recompiled automatically on every change you make.

Commit messages guidelines

  • Every commit/PR should preferably be linked to a Github issue. If it's not, it's recommended to create an Issue first and then commit and open a PR;
  • Commit messages should follow this pattern:
 #<issue-number> - short description

(optional) * bullet-points with more details if necessary
  • If the pattern is not followed - commit messages should at the very least reference the #<issue-number>.

Browser/OS Compatibility

The following list is of tested browsers for compatibility. We don't have any guarantees of compatibility for other browsers, but as soon as possible will verify and add more to the list. Some of these browsers present minor issues that are reported in the our issues list.

Browser/OS Version Compatible
Chrome >= 60 Yes
Firefox >= 56 Yes
Safari >= 11 Yes
Opera >= 48 Yes
Edge >= 14 Yes
Chrome (iOS) >= 60 Yes
Safari (iOS) - Yes
Internet Explorer >= 11 Yes

Built on top of Tacit framework

Tacit's goal is to be super simple and always with the same look-and-feel. If you want something more custom, like a different theme, feel free to make it on top of Tacit. Here are some frameworks built on top of Tacit:

  • kacit Kacit is the Tacit CSS classless framework but with a yellow accent and Georgia font
  • Bahunya is a CSS framework with responsive typography, navbar, syntax highlighting, and much more, inspired by Tacit

Usecases of Tacit framework

  • jare.io Free and instant CDN
  • wring.io GitHub notification filtering hosted inbox
  • wts.zold.io Web Wallets of Zold cryptocurrency
  • jpeek.org Java projects code cohesion analyzer
  • socatar.com Web service to use profile photos in your page
  • filfreire.com @filfreire's personal blog on software testing and development
  • moneeee joke app to know how much money you're making during a boring meeting
  • soalition.com a social coalition management web app for online writers.
  • golang.cafe Go (golang) job board with no recruiters and clear salary ranges.
  • tinyfts Very small standalone full text search HTTP/SCGI server

Got questions?

If you have questions or general suggestions, don't hesitate to submit a new Github issue.


Tacit's logo was designed by Akshay Vinchurkar (@akshayvinchurkar)