Portal - Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template For Developers

  • By Xiaoying Riley
  • Last update: Jan 7, 2023
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Theme Details & Demo

Demo: https://themes.3rdwavemedia.com/bootstrap-templates/admin-dashboard/portal-free-bootstrap-admin-dashboard-template-for-developers/

Portal is a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template made for software developers.


This template is built on Bootstrap 5 (stable) and Vanilla JS (no jQuery dependency).

Author & License

This Bootstrap template is made by UX/UI designer Xiaoying Riley for developers and is 100% FREE as long as you keep the footer attribution link. You do not have the rights to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the template on its own or as a separate attachment from any of your work.

If you'd like to use the template without the attribution link, you can buy the commercial license via the theme website

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Latest Version

v2.0 - 2021-05-27



  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Built on Bootstrap 5 (no jQuery)
  • SCSS source files included
  • 1500+ FontAwesome icons
  • 1000+ Bootstrap icons





  • 1

    Create dropdown nav-tab

    Hello, it seems impossible to create correct dropdown in nav-tabs. The dropdown-items remain active even if we move to another tab.

    Take a look on https://jsfiddle.net/kiuega/oapefhkx/2/

    Try to choose dropdown > Sub 1 No problem. Now, try to choose dropdown > Sub 2. Sub 1 and sub 2 are actives. Now we can't remove 'active' class on them

  • 2

    Usage of this template in open source project (SSH-MITM)

    Thanks for this awesome template.

    I have an open soure project (https://github.com/ssh-mitm/ssh-mitm) and I want to create a web interface for this application. My project is licensed under the GPL.

    I want to build the userinterface with bootstrap an your template is clean, simple and easy to integrate - not like many other templates which includes a lot of unnecessary js-libs :wink:

    Is it allowed to use this template for the SSH-MITM project? I will keep the attribution link.

  • 3

    Ran sass-migrator on bootstrap source scss files to squash "slash (/)…

    … is deprecated" warnings.

    Thanks to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67640614/laravel-mix-bootstrap-deprecation-warning-using-for-division-is-deprecated

    And yes, this builds successfully.

  • 4

    Stop auto scroll in Mobile view while clicking on menu bar.

    (In mobile)

    When I am at end of page and I click menu bar ( 3 horizontal bars at top left), the content scrolls up automatically.

    How can I stop this behaviour?

  • 5

    Tabpanel or Pill Panel does not work!

    Tabpanel or Pill Panel absolutely does not work. I can see Bootstrap 5 Beta 2 working when I tested it with the original one. I think your bootstrap content has an error.