With one command, setup a modern frontend project ⚡️ Swifty with additional configurations out of the box

  • By Franklin Okolie
  • Last update: Aug 30, 2022
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⚡️ Swifty Config

With one command, setup your Frontend project with additional configuration out of the box.

What does this do?

See this as create-react-app with extra, I know you are tired from having to setup prettier, Eslint e.t.c all the time, or you are tired of doing the same thing all over and over again, I created this to help, personally as a side project to help myself, but then you might need it.

Compatibility Note: ⚡️ Swifty Config requires Node.js version >=14.6.0. Some other in this project may request higher Node.js version to work, follow the insturctions to upgrade your package manager when you see the error or warning about it.

Using ⚡️ Swifty Config for the first time.

With NPX:

$ npx create-swifty-config

With NPM:

$ npm create swifty-config

With Yarn:

$ yarn create swifty-config

Then follow the prompts to setup the project!

Currently avaliable template include:

  • vanilla
  • vanilla-ts
  • react
  • react-ts

This will be updated with more templates.

You can use . for the project name to scaffold in the current directory.

What more can you do?

If you love this project and the setup, it will be okay to give this project a star on Github. and share with friends as this will help make the project more avaliable and popular and yeah, helps boost my little ego 🧑‍💻

What more can you expect?

More frameworks and templates will be added and also more configurations and also I will be improving this to be more world classish.


Coming soon!!! Cause I need your help to make it better!.

Created by Franklin Okolie