Fluent design gtk theme for linux desktops

  • By Vince
  • Last update: Jan 5, 2023
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Fluent theme

Fluent is a Fluent design theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments. See also Fluent Icon theme.

Normal version


Blur version (Only for Gnome-Shell desktop)



  • GTK >=3.20
  • gnome-themes-extra (or gnome-themes-standard)
  • Murrine engine — The package name depends on the distro.
    • gtk-engine-murrine on Arch Linux
    • gtk-murrine-engine on Fedora
    • gtk2-engine-murrine on openSUSE
    • gtk2-engines-murrine on Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
  • sassc — build dependency


Manual Installation

Run the following commands in the terminal:


Tip: ./install.sh allows the following options:

-d, --dest DIR          Specify destination directory (Default: /usr/share/themes)

-n, --name NAME         Specify theme name (Default: Fluent)

-t, --theme VARIANT     Specify theme color variant(s) [default|purple|pink|red|orange|yellow|green|grey|all] (Default: blue)

-c, --color VARIANT     Specify color variant(s) [standard|light|dark] (Default: All variants)

-s, --size VARIANT      Specify size variant [standard|compact] (Default: All variants)

-i, --icon VARIANT      Specify icon variant(s) for shell panel
                        (Default: Windows icon)

--tweaks                Specify versions for tweaks [solid|float|round|blur|noborder|square]
                        solid:    no transparency version
                        float:    floating panel
                        round:    rounded windows
                        blur:     blur version for 'Blur-Me'
                        noborder: windows and menu with no border
                        square:   square windows button

-h, --help              Show help


For more information, run: ./install.sh --help

Flatpak Installation

Automatically install your host GTK+ theme as a Flatpak.


Install Wallpapers



Firefox theme

Install Firefox theme



Fix for Dash to panel

Just install the compact version

./install.sh --tweaks compact

Gtk theme widgets





  • 1

    Theme does not seem to apply to nautilus


    On your screenshots and in some apps (for example settings) there is a blue vertical line next to a selected folder/tab Also window decorations and top bar overall looks different in nautilus

  • 2

    Incorrect hint text and cursor color in overview search box

    Thanks for your work~ Just a small visual bug report: The cursor and hint text in the overview search box seem to be of the wrong color.

    Fluent shell theme:


    Default shell theme:

    Screenshot from 2022-08-28 16-22-22

    Seems to me that the color of the default theme is more legible and thus "correct". I think I know where it's going wrong and can pull up a quick PR.

  • 3

    Wallpapers install script problem

    Hi. The install script must be run with root rights. However, the backgrounds pictures folder is then created with root rights as well. Therefore in gnome-control-center, the pictures are not available. With root privileges I had to change the folders (fluent, fluent-building and fluent-mountain) properties to user rights to get the wallpapers available. Maybe at the end of the script, you should add some code to change these folders properties.


  • 4

    Fluent theme breaks on gnome shell 43 action center

    I was using fluent theme on my Fedora 36 with gnome 42 and set the shell theme to fluent. Then, I updated to fedora 37 beta with gnome 43 and fluent theme is not properly working on shell. Please see the screen shot below.



  • 5

    Round + solid = transparent background in the Gnome Shell menus for the Dark variant

    Thank you for this theme, probably its Compact version is the sleekest GTK+ theme so far!

    When using --tweaks round solid noborder the dark variant results in a transparent background for the menus in Gnome shell.

    Screenshot from 2021-11-11 18-24-35

    Also, some minor issues that may need some tweaking:

    1. When using --tweaks solid the topbar has the same color as the active app topbar/headerbar when using the dark variant, what looks very weird when a window "touches" the topbar (please see first screenshot below)
    2. The window border seems to be invisible when there is no other window behind it, only the desktop (please see the second attached screenshot = non solid version).

    Screenshot from 2021-11-11 18-23-05

    Screenshot from 2021-11-11 17-40-00

    Screenshots taken on a VM running Debian Unstable/Gnome 41.1


  • 6

    Blur not working

    The Blur version doesnt seem to be working. My installation command:

    ./install.sh --tweaks round --tweaks blur

    Output of that:

    Install rounded windows version ...
    Install blur version ...
    Installing '/home/cfp/.themes/Fluent-round'...
    Install rounded windows version ...
    Install blur version ...
    Installing '/home/cfp/.themes/Fluent-round-compact'...
    Install rounded windows version ...
    Install blur version ...
    Installing '/home/cfp/.themes/Fluent-round-light'...
    Install rounded windows version ...
    Install blur version ...
    Installing '/home/cfp/.themes/Fluent-round-light-compact'...
    Install rounded windows version ...
    Install blur version ...
    Installing '/home/cfp/.themes/Fluent-round-dark'...
    Install rounded windows version ...
    Install blur version ...
    Installing '/home/cfp/.themes/Fluent-round-dark-compact'...

    Blur Me is installed. I enabled the theme using the User Themes extension. Result: image

  • 7

    Notification event time is out of design

    Theme is awesome and I use it as default in Ubuntu 21.10 (GNOME 40), but notification's event time is out of design: Снимок экрана от 2021-10-19 20-23-48

    I guess it should be smaller (~0.75em), slightly higher and not such bright. And (probably) right adjusted. ;)

  • 8

    Inconsistent GTK and KDE title bars

    All your other themes that I have used are consistent between Gtk and KDE but this one is not


    Could you fix this? I personally prefer the KDE titlebar style

  • 9

    Unify the shadow depth of different apps' windows


    Terminal image

    Visual Studio Code image

    the both screenshots were captured when their windows were focused and with same white background. and obviously, the first one has a lighter shadow border. their titlebar colours are a little bit different as well. Could you plz fix this issue?

  • 10

    Chinese Input Candidate Box - Content Misaligned

    Thank you for the beautiful themes! Have been using your Tela and Qogir themes for over 2 years now. This Fluent theme is another solid one and I am enjoying it so far!

    I just want to report a slight glitch I noticed:


    In the candidate box of the default Chinese IME, the candidates are not aligned at the center but to the top. Could you take a look at it? Thank you very much!

  • 11

    Installation is not system wide(not for all packages) even if I use sudo

    So I am using latest non LTS Minimal version of Manjaro Gnome and after a normal installation of this theme everything look as it is supposed to look but after some time I notices that some default application have weird looks. I searched google and found I have to install theme at qt or whatever....I cant understand properly. So I need help to solve this issue. Screenshot from 2022-01-12 18-47-43

  • 12

    Firefox 108 widget layout issues

    The address bar and some of the icons/buttons in the bars have weird offsets since Firefox 108. Apparently some padding/margings have changed. See screenshot.


  • 13

    Use Multiple Dashes when Multiple Instances are Open

    I am using the theme with Dash To Dock, the pill shaped app indicators are very pretty but i noticed there is always only one, no matter how many instances you have opened

    could you make it so the pills match the number of instances ?

    FLUENT image


    this is the "dashes" preset for dash to dock, it's not as pretty because the corners are straight and not curved and the dashes don't get bigger if the window is active like in Fluent, but i still prefer it because i can tell how many instances i have.

    Also the fluent pills are too close from the icons IMO, it looks like the brave logo has grown a mustache on it's chin, i prefer how dashes are more centered

  • 14

    Nautilus location bar not visible when focused/hovered

    Screenshot from 2022-11-23 12-12-14

    As shown above, Fluent currently does not display the Nautilus location bar (GNOME 43 and GTK 4) correctly when focused (ie trying to type in a new location). I was trying to get to the .config folder from the home folder on Nautilus by typing this into the location bar.

    I am using Fluent-compact from the github repo.

    What settings can I use to theme this correctly?

  • 15

    Nautilus/Gnome File Chooser Selected Item

    When opening the nautilus/gnome file chooser, the selected item will be highlighted with a color that makes difficult to distinguish it. See screenshot below:

    Screenshot from 2022-10-05 23-29-52