General Front End Nanodegree Content Resources

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Front End Nanodegree Program

General Front End Nanodegree Content Resources

Table of Contents


Inside the repo you'll find the following folders used to organize resources for FEND. Each lesson folder is composed of assets, concepts, keynotes, and an optional problem set.

└── lessons/
     ├── L0
     ├── L1
     ├── L2
     │    ├── assets
     │    ├── concepts
     │    ├── keynotes
     │    └── problem-set
     ├── L3
     ├── L4
     └── ...


The following is a list of current projects required to complete the Front End Nanodegree.

  1. Mockup to Article
  2. Animal Trading Cards
  3. Build a Portfolio Site
  4. Online Resume
  5. Classic Arcade Game Clone
  6. Website Optimization
  7. Neighborhood Map
  8. Feed Reader Testing


The following is a list of the lessons associated with the Front End Nanodegree.

  • L0 - Establishing a Web Developer Mindset
  • L1 - Nanodegree Orientation
  • L2 - HTML Syntax
  • L3 - CSS Syntax
  • L4 - How to Write Code Faster
  • L5 - Box Model and Semantic Elements


The following is a list of tools used thoroughout the Front End Nanodegree.


Cameron Pittman

James Parkes



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    Refresh 2019

    My name is Bright Lazarus

    I am a front-end web developer

    Updated the js/app.js of the landing page

    I converted the landing page project from a static project to an interactive one.

    View the to know more about my project

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    Landing Page Project

    Table of Contents


    Landing Page Project HTML was used in addition to CSS and JavaScript for the work of the project, as it consists of: -4 sections that have been added to the page. -Navigation is built dynamically as an unordered list.

    • clear which section is being viewed while scrolling through the page This was done by adding 2 function in java script function to create list for navbar . function to add active section.
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    refresh-2019 weather-journal-app project

    In the Extras section of the weather-journal-app project it is stated that a template file named tests.js is present. It is not.

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    Create images

    I wanted to put the images I have used but I can't put it also after I finished my project now while I am submitting it I found that there is a code that I have to used and I didn't know this so I witted my own code, I don't if my project had been submitted or not yet because I can't deal with the site and I don't know how to submit it , but I think that it is submitted, and the code will run with different things from what I had done because the images are not with it because I can't find a place to upload the image in and i thought that I will submit a whole folder which I have putted the images in.