Used Nextjs, Tailwind css, GraphQL, Graph CMS to build blogging website

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  • Last update: Dec 8, 2022
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1. Key Features

2. Technologies I've used

Key Features:

🟢 In Graph-CMS side we can create post, categories, check the comment.

🟢 Each and Every content and feature can be controlled from Graph-CMS panel. 

🟢 NextJs with GraphQL works like magic.
🟢 Optemize quality is way too good, one of the fastest site I've ever made.

Build Showcase:




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Technologies I've used:

🔷 NextJs => used for frontend.

🔷 Tailwind css => To design the UI.

🔷 GraphQL => data query and manipulation for APIs.

🔷 GraphCMS => To create the backend and manage the content

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