ThunderCls's x64dbg Acid Lime Theme remixed

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  • Last update: Aug 5, 2022
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ThunderCls's Acid Lime Theme remixed

ThunderCls's Acid Lime Theme remixed

This x64dbg theme is a remix of ThunderCls's theme. Updated for recent build 10 July 2022 and above.

How to install

  1. Copy content of folder Acid_Lime to theme folder.

  2. Select Acid Lime via the theme menu.

What was modified?

  • Black Status bar font is fixed, it is white now.
  • several smaller tweaks for contrast readability.
  • White icons! You need atleast the 10 July 2022 release for that.
  • Everything in the Acid_Lime folder is the theme, no more copying and pasting something.
  • Lime Status bar with custom colored status added.

Download or Clone

Known Issues This will hopefully fixed in the future

  • check symbol in various places is black on black background
  • Table titles are black on black (breakpoint, references, etc)
  • probably more, feel free to report

Planned Improvements

  • Lime icons, thanks to mrfearless (add github link)



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    Minor fixes

    • You can use Inherit=Dark to inherit the white icons from the default dark theme.
    • Only the sections [Colors] and [Fonts] are loaded from style.ini. Fonts is removed because they are the default and the user might have a different preference.

    Looks like this for me: