This project is design based on the existing website. It is done for learning purpose only.

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  • Last update: Oct 17, 2022
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Mount-Digital-Solution Capstone Project

This project is bulit to fulfill the Module 1 capstone project. The website demonstrate a services delivered by a technology firm called Mount Digital solution. It is accessible in both mobile and desktop devices.

The project is Built with

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Figma

Live Demo

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Project Structure

  • index.html file
  • About.html file
  • CSS folder contaning mobile.css and desktop.css
  • JS folder contaning mob-menu.js and product.js
  • image folder contaning all required images
  • .gitignore file containing list of files not upload to github
  • Others are linter configration files

👤 Author

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome! Feel free to check the issues page.



Headline Section 2022-07-27_16-10-28 Program Section 2022-07-27_16-42-59 Future Product 2022-07-27_16-43-49 Our Past Event 2022-07-27_16-44-48



  • 1

    Capstone Project

    In this capstone project, I develop a website for a technology firm. To complete this website I used the following tools

    • Use bootstrap for some sections of the app
    • I tried to use a google font library but I didn't get all Cocogose font family
    • I use my own product Icon/image
    • I create a mobile menu
    • For about page, I use my own background image
    • I use my own logo
    • Here is the video description about the website Click here
  • 2

    Morning session review

    Congratulations, you made a great job but you still have some changes to make:

    • Please respect the indentation in your HTML codes to make it readable.
    • To avoid the text-overflow in your program section, please reduce the title's font-size