This platform lets users create Terms and Conditions and privacy policies that are appropriate for them. -Team 77

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This is a platform that allows Users generate Terms and condition, as well as privacy policies suitable for them. -Team 77

The Contributors created basic pieces of information, including setting up dependencies, creating project, app and working directory. we are adopting Monolith (django templating format)

Table of Contents

About the Project

  • Terms77 is a website that allows users generate clear and concise terms & condition and privacy conditions suitable for all.

  • This project was created to solve the need for the terms and conditions to be easy for an average user to read and comprehend. The lack of uncertainty of users about the usage of their data will not allow them to consent, hence the need for a clear and concise privacy policy.

  • This project is solely aimed at solving Legal liabilities that may arise because a user of a product isn't aware or did not agree to the conditions of use of the particular product.

Technologies Used

This project is being created with Visual Studio Code and the following technologies were used:

  • Design

  • Frontend
    HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

  • Backend
    Python Django

  • Database

  • Project Management and Version Control


Unauthenticated users - An individual that has not registered to the website would be able to;

Visit the platform to view basic information about it
View and Interact with the documentation
Register to view more detailswould be able
No access to use until registered
  • The website Home page (Landing page). This page will contain:

    - A Hero section with a CTA to Login or Create Account
    - About Us section
    - FAQs section
    - Contact Us section
    - Footer section 

Authenticated Users - A user that has fully registered and has completed all the verification processes in the website

  • Full access to the platform
  • Allow users to enter basic information
  • Generate selected files with the right data and information
  • Allow export, download, share, and website embed
  • Allow users to save data and come back to download it.

Product Specialization

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops


  • Visit the website
  • Surf through basic infromation
  • Enter details on the sign up page to register
  • Proceed to sign in page after authentification
  • Log in
  • Edit account settings
  • Full CRUD priviledge

Project Status

Project is : in progress


For team_77 members, follow the following steps to collaborate:

  1. Visit the Repository to the Project on Github Website:

  2. Fork the repository: Click the "Fork" button on the upper right corner of the Repo page.*

  3. Make a local clone: Click on the "Code" button on the Repo page
    Copy the URL for the forked Repo ""
    Create a Folder on your Local machine / Computer for the project Workspace
    Open Command prompt / Terminal in the same folder location
    In your Terminal, type:
    git clone

  4. Open terminal and set upstream branch:
    git remote add upstream

  5. Pull upstream to get up to date with the original repo:
    git pull upstream main

  6. Create a new branch for the task you are working on :
    git checkout -b branchName
    (Make sure your branchName is descriptive in context to the feature you are working on. Also be sure to check which branch you are on using git status before you begin working)

  7. When you're done with your task, do:
    git add

    • Commit your work with a message:
      git commit -m "message"
  8. To avoid conflicts:
    git pull upstream main

  9. Then push your branch:
    git push origin branchName - This creates the branch remotely and pushes to that branch on the Github

  10. Go to Github and create a new pull request to the main branch. It will then be reviewed and merged into the master.


Aluko Isreal(Team Lead)

Adegoke Abimbola(Assistant Team Lead)

Chidozie Ogbuji(Assistant Team Lead)


Olawale Ayoola

Okanlawon Toba

Jonathan Abah

Ayanda Jeremiah

Adedoyin Adebiyi

Olufemi Emmanuel

Adeyinka Faith

Asoegwu Florence

Olanrewaju Damilola

Daniel Oyewole

David Bankole

Kiptoo Kirwa

Veena Ose

Rhoda Omotosho

Christopher Olajide

Amara Onwunzo

Edo Micheal

Sangodare Sheriff

Relevant Links


This project is acknowlegded to Zuri Team for creating this organization and bringing about this project. Special thanks to the sponsors too.

The contributors generated the secret key using python generate_secret_key and hid the secret key using python decouple.



  • 1

    attending to adjustments demanded by teammates

    I've fixed the navbar to the top(Jonathan) and changed the navbar background color so that it will be uniform with the logo(Dozie). I've also added a hover effect on the benefits and testimonials boxes(Joel) and padded the steps boxes(Tobi).

  • 2

    attaching the landing page

    Check the landing page I attached, the login and signup links are now functional with the integrated authentication. I'm still working on the remaining links on the landing page.