This is a website that advertises a youth conference or summit. This was built with Html, CSS and Javascript.

  • By Alena Okolike
  • Last update: Sep 12, 2022
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This project is developed as a capstone project for Microverse. It is a youth non-profit organization that creates awareness for an up-coming conference for the youths. This project is done in fulfillment to the requirements Microverse has made.



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Mobile version Screenshot:


Desktop version Screenshot:


Here is a Loom video that shows the description of the project's features


This project's goals are as follows:

  • Use semantic HTML tags.
  • Apply best practices in HTML code.
  • Use CSS selectors correctly.
  • Use CSS box model.
  • Use Flexbox to place elements in the page.
  • Demonstrate ability to create UIs adaptable to different screen sizes using media queries.
  • Use GitHub Pages to deploy web pages.
  • Apply JavaScript best practices and language style guides in code.
  • Use JavaScript to manipulate DOM elements.
  • Use JavaScript events.
  • Use objects to store and access data.
  • Communicate technical concepts to other technical people.

Built With

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript (Vanilla)

Getting Started

This is a simple website that creates awareness for a conference for a youth non-profit organization. This follow the design according to Cindy Shin in Behance. Do well to give a star 🌟 as we progress on a journey to becoming better.


Basic prequisites for opening a webpage as is required.

  • A standard PC -
  • Compatible and up to data browser both for PC and mobile.
  • Installed Code Editor


This code can be used for educational 📘 and code viewing purposed. The copying of these code for other use would be liable to plagarism and practically and developmentally unaccceptable.


👤 Alena Okolike.

🤝 Contributor


Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

If you find any bug or suggestion for improvement please Feel free to check the issues page with your proposed change.

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  • Hat tip to is where you Gain skills you need to get hired. Learn Online and connect to life changing opportunities. Apply today Design acknowledgment goes to ###Cindy Shin in Behance Click here to see design

Update info

📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Finished the capstone project

    Hello Microverse,

    I have successfully created the capstone project in partial fulfillment to all the requirements needed in the project.

    • [ ] I created a Youth summit conference website that has a basic home and about page.
    • [ ] The youth summit conference is a website that creates an awareness for an upcoming program or event for a non-profit organization.
    • [ ] - The speakers in the home page were dynamically created with Javascript objects.
    • [ ] - I added some other features in the about page and ensured that it also follows the requirements for the project.