This is a website portfolio done in partial fulfilment of Microverse requirements.

  • By Alena Okolike
  • Last update: Sep 10, 2022
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This is a portfolio website that gives a detailed information about who I am and what I do.

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  • Major languages: HTML, CSS, JS

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  • Hat tip to all the Microverse

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    Hello Microverse,

    • We added and configured corrected the javascript linters for the project
    • We made the hamburger button functional by adding javascript to it.
    • We added a close-button that disappears when a user clicks on it.
    • We made the hamburger button show the menu list when a user clicks on it.
  • 2

    Local storage Features

    Hello Microverse,

    Local Storage Feature Added successfully

    I and @uisendy completed the collaboration part of the project.

    • [ ] We ensured that there are no linters errors in the project.
    • [ ] We created a localStorage function that adds data from the form to the local Storage of the browser.
    • [ ] We ensured that there was a refill of form data once the form was filled and sent for storage.
    • [ ] We ensured the project has met all the requirements stated.
  • 3

    Form validation

    Hello Microverse,

    Form Validation Project completed.

    I and @uisendy collaborated.

    • [ ] We ensured there were no linters errors.
    • [ ] We ensured that there was a regular expression that validates email addresses to lower cases.
    • [ ] We ensured that once the form was validated, there was a confirmation for it's validation.
    • [ ] We ensured that if the form wasn't validated, a list of errors would be visible to the user.
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    Hello Microverse,

    Completed Project

    • We made a pop-up modal on every project button click in both the desktop and mobile version.
    • We ensured all stylings were accurate and the javascript syntax were good.
    • Pair-programming was done effectively.
    • There are no linters errors.
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    Portfolio: Setup and Mobile version skeleton.

    Hello Microverse,

    1. I created the navigation bar of the mobile skeleton of my website portfolio
    2. I set up linters to ensure there are no errors in the project.
    3. I created the headline of my website portfolio according to figma design choice.
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    found BUG: Issue with getting data from Local Storage

    This bug was discovered

    The reason why you have "undefined" on the first name of your form

    The "getData[0]name" should rather be "getData[0].name" since your Key:Value pair in your object declaration has "name" as one of the key. 2 1 "

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    Peer reviews of Desktop version design

    1. You should have different size images for the desktop and mobile versions
    2. The layout should be according to the Figma design ( height, width, margins, paddings)
    3. You should try as much as possible to make your project like figma template
    4. You have to add SVG in the footer.