This is a responsive website that navigates from the home page to the about page, following mobile first rule.

  • By Ushindi Gedeon
  • Last update: Sep 3, 2022
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Welcome to my Microverse's Capstone 1 project, the international artificial intelligence forum website. In this project, we are given with a template design and we are asked to make our own website with a different subject - which in my case is the international artificial intelligence forum!This is a responsive website that navigates from the home page to the about page, follow mobile first sticks to the template design as much as possible.

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Live Demo

Click here

Description video

Click here to see the video discribing the project.

Getting Started

You can have a copy of this repo run on your local machine by just directly cloning it.


To get the output of our project make sure you have google Chrome, Mozila or any other browser installed and:

  • Node.js installed
  • npm installed
  • Linters: Lighthouse, Webhint, Stylelint, ESLint


Double click on the file index.html or go directly on


Ushindi GEDEON

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📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Peer to peer code review

    • Kindly start the page with h1 headings instead of h3.
    • Please consider putting divs inside the sections instead of sections inside divs.
    • Please use divs inside the section instead of sections inside sections.
    • For good practice try to avoid
      tags and divide your paragraphs into two


    • Please consider using of and tags should be applied in the CSS by use of font-weight and text-decoration: underline.
  • 2

    Morning session: Peer to peer code review

    Hi @GedeonTS Great job on completing your Awesome Books project! Outstanding work! 👏🏼🔥

    Highlights 🥳 No linter errors ✔️ Great job writing clean code. 🔥

    Optional Changes

    You can use a <article>tag in instead of a <div>tag for cards.

  • 3

    Artficial-intelligence-forum: Best practices

    Artficial-intelligence-forum: Best practices

    In this Pull request I refactored the website by:

    • Improving responsiveness of navbar
    • adding background to homepage title
    • adding pale chess image to the desktop
    • adding animations to the home page.
  • 4

    Capstone1: Artfifcial Intelligence and Iot forum

    Artificial Intelligence and IoT forum

    In this project, I created a responsive and dynamic webpage using Html, css, and javascript.

    your review is welcome!