This is a full website that gives you information about fitness. This website is created using CSS HTML and Javascript.

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  • Last update: Oct 26, 2022
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Fitness Page

This is a fitness page created using html css and javascript.

Built With

  • HTML CSS javascript
  • linters
  • Any editor

Getting Started

To be able to reproduce this project you need to copy the repository in your local workspace. Modify this file to match your project, remove sections that don't apply. Feel free to open a pull requests for any changes.

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.

Any editor

Setup linter

Install node.js

Live Video (if available)

live video

Live Demo (if available)

live demo


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  • The design of this project is based from this website:click
  • Inspiration
  • etc

📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Capsone project


    This is a 2-page project about a fitness program.

    • [ ] Using HTML and CSS to model the project.
    • [ ] Using JAVASCRIPT to manipulate the dom.
    • [ ] A implementation for desktop and mobile versions.
    • [ ] Dynamic creation of elements.

    Video explanation

    • [ ]
  • 2

    Morning session code review

    Almost there :star_struck:

    • Please make your logo a clickable link so the user is directed to the homepage when its clicked
    • Please add a home link in the mobile version menu so the user is directed to the homepage when clicked
    • Please use the specified font family in your design
    • Please match the heights of the cards on your main program section
    • please space some of your containers