This is a collection of basic instructions for editing your unecrypted save game file.

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This is a collection of basic instructions for editing your unencrypted save game file.
You can unencrypt your save file with ( written by Pentalex - Github here if you want to validate it yourself.

I suggest Notepad++ and the JSTool plugin. Once you open your file you can run do Plugins > JSTool > JSFormat to get a cleaner looking JSON.

  • Before doing any of the following steps PLEASE BACKUP YOUR SAVE!

If after doing any of the updates you have a green exclamation point that you cannot get rid of due to removing what it was pointing to: i.e. changing a doctrine do the following as well:

There is a section called "Alerts" and it lists each of the possible alerts you havent seen or checked off. In our case the Doctrine alerts. Make sure the section called _alerts directly below the type you need to remove is empty like the example below, and make sure "Total" is set to 0 as well. This should remove your dangling alerts.

"Alerts": {
    "Doctrine": {
        "_alerts": [
        "_singleAlerts": [],
        "Total": 0

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    Suggestion: Interface to choose what doctranes you want

    Hey so i had a small idea; instead of manually editing the code of the save file i thing it would be a good idea to make some sort of interface either cli or gui etc. And basically have the program edit the text file for you; it would wipe any existing doctranes and you could manually select which ones you want to keep and have a small description about what each one of them do (Pulled from the game)

    I think it'd help a lot and allow tons more accessibility when it comes to using your tool.

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    My name

    Hey! Cool project, a few tiny things:

    my name is "Pentalex" (as in, penta - alex) not "Pentalax" as was written in your Can I link your project in my as well? I think it's a useful resource to accompany with my site.

    Thank you!