The potfolio website of Wuletaw Wonte which showcases projects built by me. It is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • By Wuletaw Wonte
  • Last update: Jul 1, 2022
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Wuletaw Wonte Portfolio

Portfolio of Wuletaw Wonte, a full stack web developer based in Ethiopia.

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • A little bit of Javascript

Live Demo

Live Demo Link FireShot Capture 080 - Wuletaw Wonte - Portfolio - wuletaw-portfolio netlify app


  1. Clone the project from github and run "npm start" command and it will run the project localy.


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👤 Nwachan Theophile

👤 Cédric KOSSI

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Store form data in localStorage for data persistence

    Changes in this milestone are

    • Store contact form data in local storage for data persistence
    • Get form data on change and store in local storage
    • Fill form elements with data get from local storage
  • 2

    Form validation

    Changes in this PR

    • Added formvalidation.js file inside js folder to handle client side form validation
    • Added email address form validation to check whether the email entered is in small letters or not and show error message if the email address includes capital letters.
    • Add css code to style error message appearance
  • 3

    Project details

    Changes in this PR

    • Get content of project section from JavaScript array of objects.
    • Add project details popup using JavaScript
    • Enable the popup to close when the close button is clicked.
  • 4

    Accessible website

    Changes in this milestone

  • 5

    Apply review changes

    • Add animation to social icons both desktop and mobile version
    • Add a separate desktop.css file for viewport size larger than 992px
    • Deploy the website in github pages and add the link in the file
  • 6

    Desktop version

    Changes in this milestone

    • Added a navigation bar for the desktop version including the menu items and the hover effect with it.
    • Added the hero section with the background image set to the right of the section.
  • 7

    Add linters

    Here are the changes made

    • Added .github folder in the root of the project
    • Added workflows folder inside .github folder
    • Created linters.yml file inside workflows directory
    • Added the microverse code in the linters.yml file