The main functionality of GDMod, written in HTML.

  • By Geometry Dash Mod Maker
  • Last update: Dec 4, 2022
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The main functionality of GDMod, written in HTML.

Want to run this repository?


  • Nodejs and npm (or yarn) installed
  • Knowledge of the command line

Using Yarn?

  • npm run = yarn
  • npm install = yarn install

Git installed

  1. Open Command Prompt in a new folder
  2. Run these commands
git clone
cd GDModMaker-IDE
npm install
npm run start

Git not installed

  1. Click Code > Download ZIP
  2. Unpack .zip file
  3. Open Command Prompt in unpacked folder
  4. Run these commands
npm run start

Just want to use the app?

  1. Click Releases > Scroll Down > GDModMaker.exe
  2. Run app



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    Cannot compile to macOS (OS X)

    Due to a limitation with electron-build, you are only able to package macOS programs if you are running a macOS machine. Eventually I can use a VM to build the package, but if another user would like to help out, run yarn build-osx in the command prompt to build with maxOS.