The best and most reliable service to get Udemy fresh coupons to buy paid courses for free.

  • By Adarsh Goel
  • Last update: Dec 19, 2022
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🔥 Udemy Coupons Website 🔥

This repo is meant to provide fresh Udemy coupons.

Entirely on hosted on Github 🌎

  • Actions updates coupons every 5-10 mins
  • Pages fetches code and serves it to you.
Table of Contents
  1. Disclamer & Warnings
  2. Frequently asked Questions
  3. How to make your own

Disclaimer and Warning

1.Use this ONLY for Educational Purposes! By using this API you agree that I'm not responsible for any kind of trouble caused by the API.
2.This Project is NOT AFFILIATED with UDEMY.
3.Make sure web-scraping is legal in your region.
4.This is NOT a hacking script, i.e., it can't enroll you for a specific course! Instead it finds courses that provide coupon links to make the transaction free and then LEGALLY enroll you to the course!


How Can we access Udemy Coupons and courses website?

What is the update frequency?

  • Ans. Coupons are updated every 5 mins.

Coupon is not working what to do?

  • Ans. Coupons provided have enrollment limit if coupon doesnt work it means the limit had been crossed so better luck next time ❤️ .

Deploy Guide

  1. Fork and star Repository.
  2. Go to .github/workflows/updater.yml in your forked repo.
  3. Edit GitHubMail with your github email.
  4. Edit GitHubName with your github username.
  5. Go to settings>pages> enable pages from main branch.
  6. Done. Now wait for cron to trigger.