Team submission to WDCCxSESA Hackathon 2022. Our team obtained Third Place.

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  • Last update: Jul 24, 2022
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A WDCCxSESA Hackathon 2022 project, at Third Place.


Programming is fun, isn't it? You can go up to 170 wpm, knowing what to write. You know your method calls, parameter types and class members so well...until you don't.

Welcome to ProdKiller, where teams vie for the top spot in the group!

Set up a room in our web app where there is a whitelist and blacklist of websites that our beloved Chrome extension will check against your active tab! Being on a whitelisted domain gives you points, but being on a blacklisted will take them away from you.

Use the points to attack other members in your team - by sending them distractions and attacks that ruin their productivity! These include playing loud fart noises while looking at documentation and placing a Ricardo meme in place of a code snippet in Stack Overflow! At the same time, defend yourself against impending attacks by buying shields - but you can only have three at one time!

Thus, the most productive member will get the most points, and can easily afford to attack others and defend oneself from distractions. While the poorest one suffers the most.

And don't worry about quitting Chrome. The web app and Chrome extension talk to our Flask server for log and syncing to our MongoDB database.

What are you waiting for? Download now and be productive!

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