Team project completed after the HTML / CSS module

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Team project "Hellish English"

completed after finished the HTML+CSS Module course Full Stack Developer Bootcamp 23 Online by GoIt



Task List:

Development of a one-page site for the company HellEN.

- The layout is adaptive, breakpoints 480px, 768px, 1366px. For the mobile version of the site, the layout is responsive. The site must be viewed correctly in all possible browser window sizes and devices, starting with a width of 320px, in both portrait and landscape orientations.
- Layout is valid (,
- Ensure compliance with HTML5 semantics.
- To ensure the optimization of the sizes of vector and raster graphics
- Provide support for displaying pictures for retina screens
- Optimize image loading.
- Add page favicon display.

Technologies used to implement the project:

  • vs code
  • git
  • npm
  • parcel
  • HTML 5
  • SASS
  • CSS grid
  • JS

Development team:

Katherine Dudar (Team-Lead)

Problems section

  • A section contains a header.
  • The background of the section should be made with a gradient (black from above, white from below).
  • The section contains the background image, save it in svg format.
  • Make the list of problems as a grid of elements. Use css counters to number list items.

How we do it

  • The section contains a header and a grid of cards.
  • Each card contains a heading. Decorative underlining of headings should be performed with a pseudo-element.
  • The icons on the cards are implemented using svg sprite.

Benefits section

  • The section contains a title and a list of benefits.
  • The list of benefits follows the same pattern as a similar list for the Problems section.

About section

  • A section contains a title, a content image, and a description block.
  • In the block with the description, the teacher's name can be called the title.
  • Make list icons with pseudo-elements. Save icon image in svg format.
  • The text description is added in paragraphs.
  • The link at the end of the block can open a modal window with an image of the certificate or lead to a resource that explains the importance of this certificate.

Guarantee section

  • The section contains the title and list of guarantees.
  • Marker icons should be saved in svg format and implemented as pseudo-elements.
  • Decorative lines should be executed as border list items.

Andrii Klochko (Scrum Master)

  • Create a project repository
  • Create a dev branch
  • Set protection for the master and dev branches, preventing other team members from making changes
  • Create fragment files for components
  • Create a project structure
  • Export the color palette to a variable
  • Add styles for public classes
  • Add basic styles
  • Save the icons and create a sprite.svg
  • Advanteges section
  • How we do section

Denys Dashkevych (Full Stack Dev)

Hero section

  • "Comprehensive preparation for external examinations in English" is the title of the page.
  • The "I want to take a free class" button is an anchor link to the section with the form.
  • Save the main background image in png format. Images can be inserted as content if you plan to add an animated image.

Header section

  • In the header of the site there is a logo, a navigation menu and a button "Consultation by phone".
  • On mobile and tablet versions, the navigation menu is displayed as a pop-up element. The appearance animation is arbitrary. The mobile menu is fixed, width and height cover the entire screen area (viewport).
  • The menu is implemented with anchor links that lead to the relevant sections of the layout.
  • The "By phone" button opens a modal window with an order form. Since the design of the modal window is not on the layout, this is not a mandatory task.

Vyacheslav Ushakov (Full Stack Dev)

  • A section contains a header and a three-level list.
  • Decorative marking of the list should be performed with pseudo-elements.
  • Add a decorative image as a pseudo-element.

Contacts section

  • In the contacts section there is a header and a feedback form.
  • The form needs to add minimal input validation. For this, you can use the pattern attribute.
  • If invalid data was entered, the field should be highlighted in red. Validation should not be highlighted until the user has entered data.

Footer section

  • In the footer there is a logo, contact phone number and links to social networks.
  • The phone number must be implemented using communication protocols.
  • Embed social network icons as background, gradient is not rendered via svg sprite. Links to external sources should open in a new tab.

Sergii Gulaga (Full Stack Dev)

  • The section includes a header and a feedback slider.
  • The review is an independent work of the author and can be published separately from other page content. According to the specifications, feedback (comment) is highlighted with the article tag.
  • Each slide has a photo, a link to a social network and a block with a description of the review. The text of the recall is partially hidden, the full display of the text can be seen by clicking on the "Read more" link.
  • At the bottom of the text is the pagination (link to the recall slide). Pagination layout should be done only if you do not plan to connect the slider library. When connecting a slider, pagination is inserted automatically, you only need to stylize their appearance according to the layout.
  • In a more complex version of implementation, pagination is a related (second) slider.
  • Connection of the slider and everything related to the use of JavaScript is optional.