A minimal Jekyll Theme to host your resume (CV)

  • By sharath Kumar
  • Last update: Jan 8, 2023
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This theme is designed by Xiaoying Riley at 3rd Wave Media. Visit her website for more themes.

I have made this into a Jekyll Theme. Checkout the live demo here.

Desktop Mobile


  • Fork the repository
  • Delete the gh-pages branch
  • Re-create the gh-pages branch
  • Go to settings and set Github Pages source as master.
  • Your new site should be ready at https://username.github.io/online-cv/

Change all the details from one place: _data/data.yml

Watch my video on installation.


There are 6 color schemes available:

Blue Turquoise Green
Berry Orange Ceramic


Thanks to Nelson EstevĂ£o for all the contributions.

Thanks to t-h-e(sfrost) for all the contributions.

Check out for more themes: Jekyll Themes.




  • 1

    Sidebar-wrapper {height:100%} bug

    This property breaks the sidebar, which becomes evident once the content overflows min-height: 800px. Once height is removed, the problem is solved and min-height becomes unnecessary.

  • 2

    Save as PDF

    Nice work with the 2-column Jekyll-cv. Its awesome!

    I was wondering if there is a way to save the final HTML format as PDF. This would help a lot if someone wants to maintain a single CV for online and offline use.

  • 3

    How can I change the name of the repo?

    I want to change the name my URL from https://***.github.io/online-cv/ to something like https://***.github.io/newname/

    But if I change the name of my Repository name, it seems that I cannot use the template anymore, see below


  • 4

    once I have the website available, how do I make changes?

    I followed the instructions in the readme, and I have the website with my username. how do I make changes to the website? I pushed to master but am not seeing the website reflected. Thanks

  • 5

    Got the theme, now what?

    I performed the steps in the installation guide and now have my own copy of the theme. But now what? There is no mention of how to use the theme inside of Jekyll to create a new dynamic site. I want to be able to use the Jekyll engine to create multiple pages like the one in the example, for multiple CV's. Quite new to Jekyll so I'm now a bit lost on how to proceed.

  • 6

    Support for stackoverflow flair

    Below are the list of changes

    • Removed urls during printing.
    • Added .jekyll-cache/ to .gitignore
    • Added support for stackoverflow flair (Screenshot bellow).

    Stackoverflow flair

  • 7

    The details section in education cannot be displayed

    I noticed there is a "detail" section under the education tag and it supposed to display the detail information in the sidebar. However, even though I edited the detail, there's still nothing under the education tag in the sidebar.

    Is this a bug or I need to extra work to set on?

  • 8

    Support title for experience section

    Would be nice to be able to edit the title of this section. For example, some people prefer "Work Experience" over "Experiences".

    I'm not sure how to set a default value so that this change doesn't break existing consumers?

  • 9

    Fix layout (Issue #78)

    Switching the layout to flex. On my site, flex-basis was not necessary but on webjeda.com the sidebar ended up too narrow for some reason. The width can be increased further with flex-basis, however, for some reason does not exactly correspond to computed width.

    Closes #78.

  • 10

    Social icons links

    We have already discussed this a bit in pull request #72. Adding new social networks profile links to sidebar could give more options to the end user.

    For now, we have:

    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Github
    • Codewars

    I can come up with Stack Overflow and Gitlab (even bitbucket) additions to the profile. What else would be nice?

    @sharu725 what do you think?

  • 11

    simplified less and added education and publications in main wrapper

    maybe you are interested in some changes.

    main changes:

    added sections for education and publications in the main wrapper added config options to not show about section in the sidebar simplify themes by using the power of less ;)

    also increased the width by 40px in the sidebar to allow longer names. (can be reverted if necessary)

  • 12

    Prevent overflow into dates

    On my adapted template on rdmolony "MAI in Mechanical Engineering" would overflow into "2014 - 2019" at certain resolutions (iPads) as the 'time' <div> is not separated from <h3> or 'degree'. Now they are in separate containers using the 'flex' css attribute in the parent <div> and in both elements to keep them in two columns

  • 13

    How Can I convert the final github page resume to PDF?

    When I try to Print the webpage, it looses all icons, colors and unnecessary texts. HOW can i print the page as it is, in all its formatting, icons and colors?

    I tried Pandoc/latex etc, but it dosent work for me. Pl help