Servito🛎 is a customizable dashboard for your server made with Next.js

  • By Gianluca Andretta
  • Last update: Apr 3, 2022
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Servito 🛎

It's a dashboard written with Next.js for your server.


Demo →

How to install as a Docker container

First clone the repo on your server (currently cpu temperature only works with raspberry pi)

git clone

cd into the folder

cd Servito/

Personalize Servito going to the public/ folder and changing the logo, favicon and apple bookmark icon


Then change the route of your apps in UserConfig.json

    "apps": {
        "Code": [
        "Homebridge": [
        "Nextcloud": [
        "Portainer": [
        "Adguard": [
        "NginxProxy": [

Install the dependencies

npm install

Build the project

npm run build

Then build the image

sudo docker build . -t servito

And run the container

sudo docker run --name Servito --hostname [YOUR_HOSTNAME] -p  [EXPOSED_PORT]:3000 servito


I will create a configuration page in the next release and deploy the image to docker hub for an easier install process

Enable weather

Currently using html5 geolocation that needs https to work (will use another way to retrieve location in the next release) Get your free api key at and paste it in at


restart Servito container and you should see weather info

@gianlucandretta Gianluca Andretta