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  • By Colorlib
  • Last update: Jan 8, 2023
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Gentelella Admin is a free to use Bootstrap admin template. This template uses the default Bootstrap 4 styles along with a variety of powerful jQuery plugins and tools to create a powerful framework for creating admin panels or back-end dashboards.

Theme uses several libraries for charts, calendar, form validation, wizard style interface, off-canvas navigation menu, text forms, date range, upload area, form autocomplete, range slider, progress bars, notifications and much more.

We would love to see how you use this awesome admin template. You can notify us about your site, app or service by tweeting to @colorlib. Once the list will grown long enough we will write a post similar to this to showcase the best examples.

Theme Demo

Gentelella Bootstrap Admin Template

Template Demo



Installation via Package Manager

Our goal is to make it installable on different Package Manager! Do you want to use it on your favorite Package Manager and you know how? Pull request all the way!

As of now, this is some installation available:


bower install gentelella --save


npm install gentelella --save


yarn add gentelella

How to contribute

To contribute, please ensure that you have stable Node.js and npm installed.

Test if Gulp CLI is installed by running gulp --version. If the command isn't found, run npm install -g gulp. For more information about installing Gulp, see the Gulp's Getting Started.

To have all gulp dependencies run npm install

If gulp is installed, follow the steps below.

  1. Fork and clone the repo.
  2. Run gulp, this will open gentelella on your default browser
  3. Now you can code, code and code!
  4. Submit a pull request

Gentelella for other platforms and frameworks

Let us know if you have done integration for this admin template on other platforms and frameworks and we'll be happy to share your work.

Scripts included:

  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • jQuery-Autocomplete
  • FullCalendar
  • Charts.js
  • Bootstrap Colorpicker
  • Cropper
  • dataTables
  • Date Range Picker for Bootstrap
  • Dropzone
  • easyPieChart
  • ECharts
  • bootstrap-wysiwyg
  • Flot - Javascript plotting library for jQuery.
  • gauge.js
  • iCheck
  • jquery.inputmask plugin
  • Ion.RangeSlider
  • jQuery
  • jVectorMap
  • moment.js
  • Morris.js - pretty time-series line graphs
  • PNotify - Awesome JavaScript notifications
  • NProgress
  • Pace
  • Parsley
  • bootstrap-progressbar
  • select2
  • Sidebar Transitions - simple off-canvas navigations
  • Skycons - canvas based wather icons
  • jQuery Sparklines plugin
  • switchery - Turns HTML checkbox inputs into beautiful iOS style switches
  • jQuery Tags Input Plugin
  • Autosize - resizes text area to fit text
  • validator - HTML from validator using jQuery
  • jQuery Smart Wizard

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License information

Gentelella is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Which means that you can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software. But you always need to state that Colorlib is the original author of this template.

Project is developed and maintained by Colorlib and Aigars Silkalns



  • 1

    Using & developing this template is a nightmare


    To make the first sentence nice - thank you for a very nice looking admin portal template.


    I am trying to integrate it with new page I am building and I do not quite understand the development methodology if any is present.

    My doubts:

    Project using

    1. What files should I include in my project to have this template working
    2. vendors folder is included in the npm dependency, though it is simply downloaded bower dependencies ...?
    3. How should I include the project dependencies then?

    Project development

    1. You are using scss and sass compiler, but you are writing css code inside custom.scss
    2. The custom.scss are 4807 lines long in one file !!!
    3. no tests?!
    4. html is repetitions all around (menu, topnav, footer).

    Place for improvement

    1. Partition the scss main file - custom.scss
    2. scss build should have one entry point - sass('src/scss/*.scss', options) !?
    3. Partition the js
    4. Consider using some modularize template engine for html files

    I will probably have to do some of this work anyway since I want to figure out how to use this project, but I do not know if anyone is interested in merging those fixes to master

  • 2

    How to collapse side menu on start?

    I already try Method#1: Set body class "nav-md" > "nav-sm" Method#2: $('#menu_toggle').click(); on document ready

    Menu is collapsed but side menu did work correct. It's still slide down.

    Please advise.

  • 3

    Dynamic tables with buttons + ASP.NET Grid not working?


    if I use a ASP.NET grid for the table and fill it with data, the buttons won't appear anymore. Why? I renamed the IDs, renamed the IDs in the function in the script too, but nothing new.

  • 4

    Couldn't open browser (if you are using BrowserSync in a headless environment, you might want to set the open option to false)

    When i run Gulp google cloud. I am getting below response please can you tell how to execute the in google cloud(Linux).

    sudo gulp [14:09:01] Using gulpfile ~/ATLAS/gulpfile.js [14:09:01] Starting 'browser-sync'... [14:09:01] Finished 'browser-sync' after 14 ms [14:09:01] Starting 'watch'... [14:09:01] Finished 'watch' after 14 ms [14:09:01] Starting 'default'... [14:09:01] Finished 'default' after 10 μs [BS] Access URLs:

       Local: http://localhost:3000/./production/index.html
    External: http://:3000/./production/index.html

          UI: http://localhost:3001

    UI External: http://:3001

    [BS] Serving files from: ./ [BS] Couldn't open browser (if you are using BrowserSync in a headless environment, you might want to set the open option to false)

  • 5

    Hide PNotify welcome message.

    Currently in a welcome message is added if PNotify is found:

    if( typeof (PNotify) === 'undefined'){ return; }
    			new PNotify({
    			  title: "PNotify",
    			  type: "info",
    			  text: "Welcome. Try hovering over me. You can click things behind me, because I'm non-blocking.",
    			  nonblock: {
    				  nonblock: true
    			  addclass: 'dark',
    			  styling: 'bootstrap3',
    			  hide: false,
    			  before_close: function(PNotify) {
    				  title: PNotify.options.title + " - Enjoy your Stay",
    				  before_close: null
    				return false;

    Why is this?

    This makes sense for the demo site, but should not be part of the release on bower.

  • 6

    Could not find an option named "sourcemap".

    When starting "gulp sass" or "gulp sass-minify" I get the following error. Which sass Version do I have to use to build those files correctly? Why is sass not installed with package.json?

    npm install -g sass
    /usr/local/bin/sass -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/sass/sass.js
    └── [email protected] 
    [21:00:51] Using gulpfile ~/Dev/gentelella/gulpfile.js
    [21:00:51] Starting 'sass'...
    [21:00:51] Could not find an option named "sourcemap".
    [21:00:51] Usage: dart-sass <input>
        --[no-]stdin    Read the stylesheet from stdin.
    -s, --style         Output style.
                        [expanded (default), compressed]
    -c, --[no-]color    Whether to emit terminal colors.
        --[no-]trace    Print full Dart stack traces for exceptions.
    -h, --help          Print this usage information.
        --version       Print the version of Dart Sass.
    [21:00:51] Finished 'sass' after 424 ms
  • 7

    compact menu, third level fail to open

    Hi, after click to compacting side menu, I cannot open a third level menu because on click to second level it collapse image In the image you can see, if I click on "level one" the menu collapse instaed of open the third level ge52a7b148-413c-11e7-8003-ff626a7150e8


  • 8

    No scrollbar in .child_menu when sidebare is collapsed

    When we collapse the sidebar and open a menu element with a child menu, then the child menu will have no scrollbar. If I add it manually in the developer console of Firefox to the <ul>

    $('.child_menu').mCustomScrollbar({ autoHideScrollbar: true, theme: 'minimal', mouseWheel:{ preventDefault: true }, scrollInertia: 0 });

    Then a scrollbar appears but destroys the style of the child menu and scrolling does not work. Before ... 2017-05-03 15_59_51-web

    ... after the command above 2017-05-03 16_11_32-web

    Is there a quick fix for adding a Scrollbar to a child menu?

  • 9

    build/images directory is missing after npm install

    Morning everyone!

    After npm install --save gentelella (@1.3.0) the build/css/custom.min.css is looking for a /build/images/** directory and some files. Here, on repository i can see it clearly, but in my node_modules is missing.

    Did i something wrong?

  • 10

    Dynamic URL navigation problem

    When I go to dynamic URL : /hello/world/1 the navigation is collapsed. but when I'm in /hello/world it shows the real button in navigation. How can I get navigation work with dynamic URLs?

  • 11

    Vendors should not be included!

    The vendor scripts should not be included with this package. When you "bower install" this package just for the CSS/JS portions, its not good to have all the other 3rd party parts in it as well. If people want them, they would include it in their own bower file and have the latest versions.

  • 12

    Bump gulp-autoprefixer from 7.0.1 to 8.0.0

    Bumps gulp-autoprefixer from 7.0.1 to 8.0.0.

    Release notes

    Sourced from gulp-autoprefixer's releases.



    • Require Node.js 12 a953087


    • Upgrade dependencies a953087


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  • 13

    Django-Mezzanine-Gentelella work together or options?

    I have a project and the client has a strong preference for gentelella as a look to be fitted with a mezzanine admin dashboard. is this doable.

    We want to combine this With a Django CMS mezzanine site we are also creating.

    Also, will this work as a front end or do I need to add a bootstrap theme to it?