Project for an online consultant office for personal development built with HTML, CSS and Javascript

  • By Harold Mudosa
  • Last update: May 13, 2022
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This is my microverse capstone project. the topic of this project is about creating a dynamic and interactive website, it's a project for an online consultant office of personal development built with HTML, CSS and Javascript allowing its users to have an easy access to personnal coaches no matter where they're located.

Built With

  • html & css & js
  • stylelint & webhint
  • Github actions

Project presentation video

Presentation video link

Live Demo (if available)

Live Demo Link

Getting Started

  • Modify this file to match your project, remove sections that don't apply. For example: delete the testing section if the currect project doesn't require testing.

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.


  • node.js & npm


  • git clone <first [email protected]:haroldmud/Capstone-project.git>
  • cd <first capstone-project>


  • npm install


👤 Harold

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used
  • Inspiration
  • etc

📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Milestone 1: First capstone project

    For this project I did the following: :point_down:

    • Created the mobile version at first which has two pages actually done into two different files(Index.html & mobile.html).
    • Implemented some Javascript functions to make them be more dynamic.
    • Created the desktop version in the index.html file
    • Created the featured speaker section using Javascript.
  • 2

    Peer-to-peer Code Review: Capstone Project

    Hi @haroldmud 😎

    Good Job So Far! 👍

    • [x] Use HTML semantic tags. ✅
    • [x] Good CSS styling. ✅
    • [x] Nice background on the mobile menu ✅
    • [x] Code is clean and dry ✅

    Here are some of our comments/suggestions: ♻️

    • [x] We suggest putting the border by default so the card items will not move when hovering.
    • [x] We suggest changing the section tags in the footer section into divs.
    • [x] We suggest removing old pieces of code.
    • [x] We suggest adding the footer section to the mobile version of the homepage. [OPTIONAL]
    • [x] We suggest adding the checkered border background design for the coaches' photos. [OPTIONAL]
    • [x] We suggest increasing the font sizes of some texts to make them more readable. [OPTIONAL]
    • [x] We suggest including the designer for the base template in the Acknowledgment section of the README file. [OPTIONAL]

    Cheers and Happy coding!👏👏👏

    Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the PR thread if something is not 100% clear.