examples of the bulma css framework

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  • Last update: Nov 26, 2022
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bulma templates

a small collection of bulma css templates. completely open source and free. be aware that these templates use version 0.4.0 of bulma css and may not have complete mobile support.

support jeremy thomas and the bulma framework on patreon.

support and use philip walton's sticky footer.

live examples

some of the links here are likely busted, so clone the repo and view the html files in your browser as an alternative.

blog-neko - blog template

blog-darker - dark blog template

blog-article - article-based blog template

blog-clean - clean blog template

blog-simple - simple blog template

twitch-simple - simple twitch template

i'm not sure if any of the people below have been cancelled or anything, so feel free to let me know or open an pr.

blog-labeler - label focused blog template

blog-copy - fork of the bootstrap clean blog template

single-code - single page for a coding project