"Portolio" is about to give me a handle as a student on how to create a web site flow, however a portfolio provides a convenient way for potential clients to view your work while also allowing you to expand on your skills and services.Built with CSS

  • By Ghislain MITAHI
  • Last update: Oct 24, 2022
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This project is about to give me a handle as a student on how to create a web site flow.

Built With

  • Html & CSS

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Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.


To get the project in your local environment, run

git clone https://github.com/GhislainMitahi/M_portofolio

in your terminal

To get actions run npm install


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    Use local storage to save user input.

    • When the user changes the content of any input field, the data is saved to the local storage.
    • When the user loads the page, if there is any data in the local storage the input fields are pre-filled with this data.
    • Created a single JavaScript object with all the data from the entire form and I saved it in local storage.
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    Process user input according to business rules

    • [ ] The content of the email field has to be in lower case
    • [ ] When the user submits the form, I checked if the email is in lower case.
    • [ ] If the validation is OK, the form is sent.
    • [ ] If the validation is not OK, you see an error message to the user near the submit button informing them of the error, and the form is not sent.
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    Improve user Experience through accessibiity

    In this project, the following checks are done to ensure accessibility in the portfolio project.

    Page titles

    • Changed to Portfolio

    Image text alternatives

    • Added images text-alternative to all images

    Text headings

    • Changed h5 to h2

    Color contrast

    • No changes required.


    • No changes required. The website is responsive.


    • No changes required.

    Moving content

    • No changes required.


    • Added image-alternatives to all the images.

    The basic structure of the page

    • No changes required.
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    Portfolio mobile

    In This stape I created a header and the presentation, the mobile skeleton :

                   Here are the news files I created: 
    • index.html;
    • style.css;
    • .gitignore;
    • assets/cap.png;
    • linter config
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    Morning Session Code review

    Great work so far, Nice dropdown menu. There are a few requirements you still have to add, as observed below:

    • Your menu items are not leading to any part of the page, You can do this by passing the same id name used as href on the links of the list to the particular part they link to,
    • The entire menu is not disappearing on clicking on the list items. I'd advise you to get the list item nodes and loop over them, listening for a click so you can hide your menu.
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    Peer to Peer Code Review Collaboration

    Blossom Feedback

    • Great Website The UI came out really well...
    • Great use of HTML semantic tags, but it would be better to use other semantic tags like Section, Article, and Header
    • There are no linter errors