Open source extension for chrome to show jobguy badge on jobinja, jobvision and quera

  • By Majid J
  • Last update: Mar 3, 2022
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Jobguy Discover Extension (Chrome)

Jobguy discover is an open-source based on API to receive company information from the popular Iranian job websites and find their information on Jobguy.

Supported webpages: Company page Jobs Jobs (New) Company Page
Jobvision Company page (open full view)
Jobvision Jobs (open full view)

We have used jobguywork/backend on Github to use API information.


How to use?

Install from Chrome Web Store

Please use this guide.

Install Manualy

  • Go to about:extensions
  • Enable 'Developer mode'
  • Click 'Load unpacked'
  • Select Jobguy extension folder

Report problems

Please report bugs in Issues and report security problems directly to [email protected].