A beautiful lightweight accessible and performant personal portfolio website.

  • By Nisar Hassan Naqvi
  • Last update: Dec 27, 2022
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My portfolio site, which is now open source!
Check out the live site here →


This repo contains the code for a portfolio site that has a rich user-experience, is performant, and accessible. The website is built using HTML, SCSS, vanilla JavaScript, and it doesn't use any CSS or JavaScript libraries or have any framework dependencies. Everyone is welcome to contribute or use it as a template for their portfolio. Please give me (this repo) credit for the theme design.

Online one-click setup for Contributing

Contribute to the portfolio, using a fully featured online development environment; cloned repo, pre-installed dependencies, running web server.

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🚀 Getting Started

You need Node.js to develop the site locally on your computer.

🔋 Step #1. Install the Dependencies

   npm install

📟 Step #2. Start the Development Server

npm run dev

This will start the development server at http://localhost:1234 that you should browse to check the local dev version of this site.

♻️ Step #3. Production Build

npm run prod

This script will create the production build that contains the site code, which is fast and optimized and minified for production.




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