New BSPWM Config! Based off of Rxyhn's GTK theme & colorscheme

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  • Last update: Jul 24, 2022
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New BSPWM Config/Rice


File Manager: Nautilus

Terminal: Alacritty

Editor: Neovim

Bar: Polybar

Notification Daemon: Dunst

Fetch: RXFetch

App Launcher: Rofi

Shell: ZSH & Fish

Compositor: Picom-Animations-Git

Audio Visualizer: GLava


Assuming you have yay as your AUR helper:
yay -S git neovim nautilus zafiro-icon-theme rofi alacritty rxfetch dunst appimagelauncher zsh fish picom-animations-git glava starship zsh-autosuggestions zsh-completions zsh-syntax-highlighting lxappearance polybar bspwm sxhkd nitrogen qt5ct nerd-fonts-source-code-pro nerd-fonts-jetbrains-mono

Installing the dotfiles:
git clone && cd new-bspwm-config
cp -rf config/* ~/.config
cp -rf fonts/* ~/.local/share/fonts
cp -rf misc/home/* ~
cp -rf misc/themes/* /usr/share/themes

Note: If you're getting a permission denied error, add sudo at the beginning or doas if using the alternative.


Rxyhn: GTK Theme, Colorscheme, Fonts