A small theme which adds neat animations to discord badges.

  • By mr_miner
  • Last update: Nov 28, 2022
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Better Badges by mr_miner

The very first discord theme ive made.

A small theme which adds neat animations to discord badges.

Installation For Powercord

Run the following command in cmd

cd powercord/src/Powercord/themes && git clone https://github.com/mr-miner1/Better-Badges

Installation for BetterDiscord

Download the file from here and put it in your themes folder

Installation For GooseMod

Go to the theme store and search better badges, download and apply

Support and Suggesions

For support you can dm me on discord (mr_miner#6969). For suggestions and bug reports you can dm me or put them in the issues tab.

Theme Preview

badgespreview 1


v1.3 - Customization

  • White Badges

  • Customizable varaiables which lets you change badge size etc

  • Re-Write to support other languages

  • No badges found "badge"

Really like the theme? Best way to support it is to star the github repo!!




  • 1

    Hypesquad badges broken

    The animation is correctly done, but apparently, the original badge stays in the background while the animation is done. Doesn't happen with other badges, just these ones.

  • 2

    who at discord is responsible for this? i need names.

    discord thought it was a great idea to fuck up capitalization of aria-labels very cool, imma wait and see if its a bug from discord's side and if they fix it and im planning to change the fetching of badges from aria-label's to src anyway cause language support and blah blah should be fixed in less than a week (long deadline cause i have exams currently) image

  • 3

    No animations and missing icons

    I'm not sure if this is a problem caused by the theme itself, and I tried removing and re-adding it multiple times, both from the themes library integrated in discord and from the BetterDiscord website itself, but nothing fixed the problem at hand. Some badges don't have any animations now and the hypesquad badges don't show anymore, even though I'm still able to hover on them


  • 4

    An extra pixel in badges

    If you just look at the information about the person, the badge and animation are displayed correctly: image

    If you open the person's profile, you can already see that there is an extra 1 pixel at the bottom left of the badge: image

    I use BetterDiscord.

  • 5

    screw you discord


    so i was making the badges work with discord rpc colors which i just completed and after i came back from my "vacation" turns out they removed that feature so it was a massive waste of time. also some bug fixes.

  • 6

    the golden net's animation isn't working

    basically what's in the title lol. The green one does the little spin animation, but the gold one doesn't. Any chance you could fix it? Thanks in advance! Really like the theme :D

  • 7

    The :after css rules are creating awkward situations

    For example


    This makes a situation where a theme without vertical scrollbar restrictions will have a very lengthy scrollbar going on and on and on until it reaches a set of "hi"'s. This will be very strange once a person posts a link from discord support. This bug also appears in specific pages of server settings.

    More to the point, what is even the use case for these things? Is that meant to be for debugging purposes? Because it can be a bit annoying for users of themes (such as Spectra's Nocturnal) to run into seemingly random vertical scrollbar leading nowhere.