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  • Last update: Oct 22, 2022
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Personal Website with Html, Css, and Js. With eslintJS and prettier support.
Personal Website


This repository houses Shon Santhosh's web development and design portfolio. It is built using HTML/CSS and JavaScript and was developed with ThomasMathew.

It has a eslintjs support with prettier features

  • Created with HTML and CSS
  • Sass compilation and prefixing
  • JavaScript concatenation
  • For More Features:
    • used EslintJS
    • used prettier features
    • used airbnb

Live Website Netlify Status


Then open the folder in your command line, and install the needed dependencies:

If you found any bugs/errors while npm i command run this command - Run the command 'rm package-lock.json', then re-ran 'npm install' and everything will work :)

cd projectname
npm install

Finally, run npm start to run. Your site will be running on browser, viewable at this URL:


To create compressed, production-ready assets, run npm run build.




  • 1

    Add 404 page for the site

    Issue Type: Feature request

    1. Open this link in the browser - https://mjvbz.github.io/RandomPage ( a random page )
    2. Look at the current 404 page shown in that random page.


    Add a 404 page for the site which is currently github pages custom 404 page. Now days the most of the website has the 404 pages as customly designed by them. So if this website has one 404 page designed that will be good.

  • 2

    Fix max-width

    Fix for max-width the website looks messy with paragraph its because of the max width. the website paragraoh was only 50% width oof website because of max width. Fixed that. Needed to be tested

  • 3


    Create test with selenium

    import os
    import pathlib
    import unittest
    from selenium  import webdriver
    ## class file_uri(filename):
    driver = webdriver.Chrome()
    Class WebPageTest(unittest.TestCase):
    #### your test here

    Add tests to automate your website testing

  • 4

    [ImgBot] Optimize images

    Beep boop. Your images are optimized!

    Your image file size has been reduced 🎉


    | File | Before | After | Percent reduction | |:--|:--|:--|:--| | /public/images/bg.jpg | 497.39kb | 484.85kb | 2.52% | | /icons/20211202_144844.png | 483.25kb | 477.57kb | 1.18% | | | | | | | Total : | 980.65kb | 962.42kb | 1.86% |

    📝 docs | :octocat: repo | 🙋🏾 issues | 🏪 marketplace

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  • 5

    New design

    The old design colors where very much brighty. I changed it to a dark mode theme this website now looks Better than the old design.

    This needed to be tested and see how it looks like

  • 6

    Fixed Mobile View aligment

    Fixed #9 (re-fixed)

    • [x] Fixed alignment problems and increased font-size of the paragraph
    • [x] Fixed aligment of images
    • [x] Fixed aligment of footer and icons

    Fixed all bugs/error which can be found on #9 issues.

  • 7

    Add Poppins font

    Issue Type: Feature request

    1. Open this link in the browser - https://mjvbz.github.io
    2. Check font of the Paragraph

    Features The paragraph of the site is same as header. Now days tge website has fiffrent and descent font family so add a good font for the paragraph. It may make website good because header font look stylish and paragraph font look diffrent from heading text.

    You can import it from google font i prefer popins font - https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Poppins ( Poppins-font )

  • 8

    Fix mobile view alignment

    Fix Mobile View Alignment

    Fix alignment errors of Mobile view the images and footer section has some alignment problems fix that and make paragraph some more aligned to left to get a better look in the mobike view.