This project is based on an online website for a Facebook instant games conference.

  • By Amine Smahi
  • Last update: Aug 21, 2021
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This project is based on an online website for a Facebook instant games conference.

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Built With

  • Major languages : Html, css & Javascript
  • No Frameworks

Live Demo

Live Demo Link


Download this GitHub Repo and go the index.html file


Set up liveserver as an extension in your VS Code


Right click and open the index.html in your browser to view


👤 Amine

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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  • Hat tip to Microvers for giving me this project,
  • Hat tip to Cindy Chin for providing me the the design tempate used on thi project
  • Hat tip to All my peers in Microverse who gave me ides and suggestions to improve this website.

📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Morning team code review

    The project is actually really good 💯 💥

    Hi Amine you have really done a great job but we think as a group reviewing your code you can still improve your project though on some aspects like :

    add ⬆️

    • in the about page, the past activity h2 is better to be centered.
    • in the about page - in the navbar, the sponsor link, it's better to be linked to the partner's section.
    • in the about page - in the navbar, the logo should be linked to the home page.
    • I think some of the images are not loading up. It has to do with your image URL. Kindly try to add the correct file paths with "./" or "../" preceding them to see if it works.
    • You may consider changing the size of the logo at the footer part of the mobile home page. The display is currently not appealing to me in particular. I don't know how it looks for you but I strongly suggest you reduce the size of the image to make the text lines longer.
    • below the program section, the see the hole program should be 'see whole program'
    • The nav link should be adjusted properly
  • 2

    Capstone 1 : Add Home and about pages

    • this video presents the features of the project I built : loom video

    build 2 pages :

    • The home page.
    • The about page.

    implement 2 different screen sizes:

    • Mobile: up to 768px wide.
    • Desktop: 768px or wider.

    Add Interactions


    • Add links to the nav tag elements
    • The logo in the header links to the home page.

    Mobile menu

    • When the user clicks (or taps) the hamburger button on the header, the mobile menu appears over the page.
    • Add close (X) button that closes the menu.

    Dynamic page

    • Make the "speakers" section created dynamically in JavaScript.
    • Add the object data of the speakers to data.js folder