Let’s start closing the gap to have open source style collaboration not just for the Dev piece in DevOps.

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  • Last update: Dec 19, 2022
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    Update Design: Add Logo and Lato Font

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    Added paragraph we are transparent about incidents

    Based on the discussion from the 2022 - 09 - 30: I added the paragraph We´re transparent about our incidents


    Signed-off-by: FriederikeZelke [email protected]

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    First draft to restructure signing and founding orgs

    This PR addresses #37 as discussed during the last meetings.


    We still need to make sure

    • every organization allows us to use their logo
    • every contributor is fine with his/her role
    • we didn't miss anybody
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    Update licenses

    Signed-off-by: maxwolfs [email protected]

    Question: Should there also be a sentence within the Readme stating something like All logos are property of their respective owners?

    closes #46

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    Clarify who is 'We'

    All sections start with a We. We should clarify who this group actually is and how this correlates to the supporting organizations/individual signees/authors.

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    Change "open infrastructure" into open source

    Change of mentioning "open infrastructure" in the first paragraph into "open source".

    Signed-off-by: FriederikeZelke [email protected]

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    Visualize how sharing knowledge, building communities of practice and failure culture act together

    During the discussion on 2022-10-07 we had the idea to add a figure how sharing knowledge, building communities of practice and failure culture act together and why all topics of this manifesto accelerate each other.

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    Shorten introduction

    As discussed during the last session, the introduction is way to long. We should IMHO only outline the current problem

    Open Infrastructure technology has become increasingly mature. However, the greatest software is useless if it cannot be operated confidently. For this to happen, skills and knowledge must be built up, fostered and retained. In an increasingly competitive market for skilled people and increasingly complex IT systems, this is becoming an ever-greater challenge for governments, institutions, and companies. How can we operate digital offerings in a self-determined, secure and qualitatively excellent manner?

    and then directly list the various headlines on our perception of open oeprations.

    Thank you @horazont for pointing this out!

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    Add review suggestions by James M. Croft

    Thanks to the kind offer by Cloudical, our manifesto was reviewed by a native speaker who made the proposed changes.

    Feel free to comment, adjust or review!

    Kudos to @FriederikeZelke for organizing this opportunity! :heart:

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    Publish version 1.0 of Open Operations Manifesto

    We should aim to finish a prerelease in cw 41/42 (Mid October). A public launch (v1.0) should be released in cw 48 with a reasonable amount of signing companies and signees.

    This epic consists of several sub-issues:

    • [x] #1
    • [x] #2
    • [x] #3
    • [x] #4
    • [x] #5
    • [x] #6
    • [x] #7