Leaderboard website is a page that contains information that you already inputed names and scores of players.

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Project Name


Description the project.

Leaderboard website is a page that contains information that you already inputed names and scores of players.

The pull request is opened to get a review on the project and check for any required changes.

Built With

  • html/css/js.
  • following linters standards.
  • following github flows standards.
  • webpack.

Getting Started

This web page is books site with my List of scores during a video games play

Leaderboard project works on mobile and disktop.

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps. follow>>>>>>>>>


to use the project Leaderboard please follow :

Open GitHub and go to my GitHub repository name: Leaderboard.to clone. Click “Code” and copy the given URL. click code and copy the URL.

click code and copy the URL.

Open “Git Bash” and change the current working directory to the location where you want the cloned directory.

Type git clone in the terminal, paste the URL you copied earlier, and press “enter” to create your local clone.


$ git clone {repository URL}


open your directory Leaderboard/

_use vs-code or any IDE to view line code .

_use you preferd browser to run the file .html to get project website. to run in terminal / git :

$ npm install


$ npm start




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🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome! thanks:

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📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.




  • 1

    Hit the API !

    Created new files :1234:

    constants.js >API_URL display.js > display score on screen fetch.js> getData from API

    Created a new game by using the API. Implemented the form "Submit" button (sending data to the API). Implemented the"Refresh"button (receiving data from the API and parsing the JSON). Used arrow function Used async and await JavaScript features to consume the API.

  • 2

    Setup project

    Made With:

    • Using [Gitflow] for this project.
    • Created an npm project with webpack
    • build project with HTML ,CSS, JavaScript
    • followed Basic UI
    • Use ES6 modules, with import and export
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    morning peer to peer code review

    Good Job Said :clap:

    1. You may wish to add an error message when the user leaves the inputs blank and also consider sorting your API result feed may be in ascending order.
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    peer to peer code review

    You have done some amazing jobs here good job

    • kindly fix the naming of your function according to what they do in the feth.js file the here it would be feasible to make it SetData as it is a post function.
    • kindly add the functionality of displaying the list of scores on the page load rather than using the refresh button to get it initially