jQuery Bootstrap is a framework that will change the way you use CSS.

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jQuery Bootstrap is not just another CSS framework. jQuery Bootstrap is a framework that will change the way you use CSS.

jQuery Bootstrap combines the power of Twitter Bootstrap and the jQuery UI into a single CSS boilerplate with easy to learn consistent semantics, offering both highly atomic functionality and more advanced layout options with a minimal amount of code. With jQuery Bootstrap, you can keep your CSS both clean and readable and stick to the same consistent standards for all of your CSS code.

Future versions of jQuery Bootstrap will also offer support for jQuery UI Widgets like Wijmo Open and the FilamentGroup Date Range Picker. They will also be more modular by separating different types of CSS rules, which allows a more DRY approach to customisation.


jQuery Bootstrap 0.2 is a pre-release version and more a proof of concept than anything else. It's still a work in progress. A lot may change between this version and later versions. You should not use this version of jQuery Bootstrap in a production environment. Any use of jQuery Bootstrap 0.2 beyond educational and evaluation purposes is not recommended.

jQuery Bootstrap 0.2 is designed for jQuery UI 1.8 and jQuery 1.6 and currently untested in other versions. All browsers (including old ones) should be supported. jQuery Bootstrap even offers partial support for IE6.


For a live demo, go to http://jslegers.github.io/jquery-bootstrap.

Bug Tracker

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Copyright and License

Like jQuery and jQuery UI, jQuery Bootstrap is dual licensed under MIT and GPL licenses.




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    Sidebar&row issue in fluid.html

    In the example page "fluid.html", the first "row" always has same bottom baseline as sidebar, if the bottom baseline of sidebar is lower than the first row's bottom baseline.

    Tested under Chrome and IE9