Starter files, final projects and FAQ for my Advanced CSS course

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  • Last update: Jan 8, 2023
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Course Material and FAQ for my Advanced CSS Course

This repo contains starter files and the finished project files for all the projects contained in the course.

Use starter code to start each section, and final code to compare it with your own code whenever something doesn't work!

Plus, I made all the course slides available for download, to make it easier to follow along the theory lectures.

馃憞 Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) carefully before starting the course 馃憞


Q1: How do I download the files?

A: If you're new to GitHub and just want to download the entire code, hit the green button saying "Code", and then choose the "Download ZIP" option.

Q2: One of the NPM packages is not working (compiling Sass, live-reload, etc). How to fix it?

Unfortunately, this is quite common. I listed some possible fixes in this document.

Q3: I'm stuck in one of the projects. Where do I get help?

A: Have you actually tried to fix the problem on your own? Have you compared your code to the final code? If you failed fixing your problem, please post a detailed description of the problem to the Q&A area of that video over at Udemy, along with a codepen containing your code. You will get help there. Please don't send me a personal message or email to fix coding problems.

Q4: You keep mentioning your resources page. Where can I find it?

A: It's on my website at You can subscribe for updates 馃槈

Q5: What VSCode theme are you using?

A: I use Oceanic Next (dimmed bg) for all my coding and course production. Here is my complete VSCode setup.

Q6: You use codepens in some of the lectures. Where can I find them?

A: They are all available on my public codepen profile. The ones you're looking for might be buried under some newer ones.

Q7: Can I see a final version of the course projects?

A: Sure, I have an online version of all three. Here they are: Natours (advanced CSS, Sass and responsive design), Trillo (flexbox) and Nexter (CSS Grid).

Q8: Videos don't load, can you fix it?

A: Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it. The course is hosted on Udemy, and sometimes they have technical issues like this. Please just come back a bit later or contact their support team.

Q9: Videos are blurred / have low quality, can you fix it?

A: Please open video settings and change the quality from 'Auto' to another value, for example 720p. If that doesn't help, please contact the Udemy support team.

Q10: Are the videos downloadable?

A: Yes! I made all videos downloadable from Udemy so you can learn even without an internet connection. To download a video, use the settings icon in the right bottom corner of the video player. Videos have to be downloaded individually.

Q11: I want to put these projects in my portfolio. Is that allowed?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure you actually built them yourself by following the course, and that you understand what you did. What is not allowed is that you create your own course/videos/articles based on this course's content!

Q12: I love your courses and want to get updates on new courses. How?

A: First, you can subscribe to my email list at my website. Plus, I make important announcements on twitter @jonasschmedtman, so you should definitely follow me there 馃敟

Q13: How do I get my certificate of completion?

A: A certificate of completion is provided by Udemy after you complete 100% of the course. After completing the course, just click on the "Your progress" indicator in the top right-hand corner of the course page. If you want to change your name on the certificate, please contact the Udemy support team.

Q13: Do you accept pull requests?

A: No, for the simple reason that I want this repository to contain the exact same code that is shown in the videos. However, please feel free to add an issue if you found one.



  • 1

    npm ERR! [email protected] compile:sass: `node-sass sass/main.scss css/style.css`

    [email protected] compile:sass C:\Users\MICKEYDP\Desktop\natours node-sass sass/main.scss css/style.css

    { "status": 1, "file": "C:/Users/MICKEYDP/Desktop/natours/sass/main.scss", "line": 30, "column": 7, "message": "Function rgb is missing argument $blue.", "formatted": "Error: Function rgb is missing argument $blue.\n on line 30 of sass/main.scss\n>> rgb($color-primary-light, 0.8),\r\n ------^\n" } npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! [email protected] compile:sass: node-sass sass/main.scss css/style.css npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] compile:sass script. npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

    npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: npm ERR! C:\Users\MICKEYDP\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache_logs\2018-10-20T14_01_32_138Z-debug.log

  • 2

    Natours avigation link appears (invisible, but clickable) over the other elements

    screen shot 2018-01-01 at 15 37 20 As you can see, the nav bar links are overlapping the other elements even with the navigation bar not enabled and they are clickable making the interation with other elements impossible if they are under the links.

    I tested the published version of the Natours page available at using google chrome on macOS.

    Since I haven't reached the part of the course that the navbar was developed, I won't be able to find the most elegant solution for that.

  • 3

    Added dev deps and package lock so project will run out of the box

    Hey @jonasschmedtmann thanks for the amazing content. Your courses are extremely helpful. I wanted to jump into the project today for building Nexter to brush up on CSS grid and noticed that I couldn't run the included NPM scripts. I think you may have live-server installed globally which may be useful for some setups but I don't think that should be a requirement for running the app.

    Also thought it might be handy to capture a package.lock so that if deps change in the future and introduce some weird breaking behavior (unlikely) that people are guaranteed to get working version numbers pulled down.

  • 4

    SASS Compile not working in NPM version 5.6.0

    SASS Compile not working. I have followed the tutorial but it's showing multiple errors. Here is the Command line npm run compile:sass

    It is coming up with these errors. An output directory must be specified when compiling a directory npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! [email protected] compile:sass:node-sass sass/main.scss css/style.css` npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] compile:sass script. npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

    npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: npm ERR! C:\Users\Jahid\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache_logs\2018-05-03T20_17_13_135Z-debug.log`

    I am also attaching the scirpt package.json file. { "name": "ui", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "Ui for QR Code generator", "main": "index.js", "scripts": { "compile:sass": "node-sass sass/main.scss css/style.css" }, "author": "Jahid Anowar", "license": "ISC", "devDependencies": { "node-sass": "^4.9.0" } }

  • 5

    Update package.json

    This problem is caused because devserver needs the lib "live-server". This pr fixes it

    yarn start
    yarn run v1.17.3
    $ npm-run-all --parallel devserver watch:sass
    $ live-server --browser=firefox
    $ node-sass sass/main.scss css/style.css -w
    /bin/sh: 1: live-server: not found
    error Command failed with exit code 127.
    info Visit for documentation about this command.
    ERROR: "devserver" exited with 127.
    error Command failed with exit code 1.
    info Visit for documentation about this command.
  • 6

    Mising coma

    Hi Jonas!

    I hope your are doing great. First of all I want to thank you for your well designed course. So far I have learned a ton of awesome new stuff and I am looking forward to continue.

    Like a lot of other people I ran into the same issue using the --watch flag. After watching your video again and paying more attention it works like a charm! VSC is such a great editor. I love the build in terminal function! Comes in really handy.

    But anyway, I would like to make a comment on your 2nd solution. When using the two lines of code you provided the terminal throws an error. When the two lines are separated by a coma everything is compiled well.

    Best, Jan

  • 7

    calc function doesn't works properly

    Hi, I have come across a problem. I am now on natours sass section. I can't set the width of the columns with calc function. It shows error in chrome dev tool. capture capture3

    Please help me.

  • 8

    fixing the bug in the menu

    In the desktop breakpoint, if you position the cursor under the logo, you can see the cursor changing to hand, because the menu items are there, I used display none and after display block, but the solution did not work, because the animation does not work, so I changed for visibility: hidden, and after visibility:visible;

    I tested and everything works ok !

  • 9

    Homepage Link Fix

    Homepage still has clickable navigation links since width of 0 on parent element didn't fully hide the child anchor element due to the padding that was being applied. This fixes it and fixes a typo on the home page.

  • 10

    On Firefox, the rotating cards don't have perspective when "backface-visibility" property is hidden

    The Natours project. On Firefox, the rotating cards don't have perspective when "backface-visibility" property is hidden.

    Please clarify what is the solution here, for the cards to have perspective?

  • 11

    Changing padding of the heading of about section

    I've changed the padding of the heading of about section from 20rem to 25rem, Because you can see screen, less than 600px, the heading of about section & the header section has no padding in between. Thanks,

  • 12

    CVE-2010-3971 -> npm server crashes

    When trying to run live server with npm run or npm start,

    Microsoft Windows Defender gives this threat warning and, compilation of sass and live server crashes