Human-readable name provider for Fuel Network

  • By Boray Saygılıer
  • Last update: Sep 5, 2022
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Fuel Name Registry

ETHCC Hackathon Submission


The main inspiration for FNS is Ethereum Name Service (ENS). ENS reached a significant adoption since its launch. Today, an Ethereum user can register an ENS domain , forward to their address and use their name as a public address instead of a hexadecimal address

What it does

FNS provide a way for users to map human-readable names to blockchain addresses. Using FNS, Fuel Network users can transfer funds without knowing long hexadecimal addresses. Instead, they can use short and meaningful domains. Let’s say Alice will send 1 ETH to Bob. Alice will have to know Bob’s address. But if they both had FNS domains, Alice could send 1 ETH to bob.fuel easily.

How I built it

Before starting to build, I read all of the Sway documentation. At first, I wrote interfaces of contracts. Then I wrote implementations of them. After completing the contract, I built a simple user interface with Vue and React.

Challenges I ran into

Sway is a young language. There are not many resources about Sway in the web. Fuel Labs github repositories and team helped me a lot to overcome this issue. Before starting to write a name service contract, I started by writing an ERC721 implementation with Sway. After discussing this with Matt from Fuel Labs, he showed a PR about this. I will compare my implementation and the implementation at the PR after the hackathon. Another challenge was the lack of a testnet in the Fuel Network. So I decided not to publish a public dapp for now. I also spotted a small issue about Sway's package manager "Forc". Forc doesn't have an add subcommand like yarn or npm. So I forked Forc and started the implementation of that in the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am proud of learning a new language in a short time and building a complicated system with that language. I not only used the language and network but also improved it. I will make a PR to add the "add" subcommand to Forc after the hackathon

What I learned

I learned how to write Sway, and how Fuel Network and ENS works under the hood.

What's next for Fuel Name Service

Fuel users should have domains and transfer tokens without knowing their hexadecimal addresses. Fuel Name Service should be publicly available after a testnet period. I have to work closely with Fuel Labs in this process.