HTML/CSS & JavaScript First Microverse Capstone Project. This is a website for a mobile application landing page built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • By David Kasilia Mwanzia
  • Last update: Nov 18, 2022
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HTML/CSS & JavaScript First Microverse Capstone Project. This Project is about an application Landing page and about the company that created the website. Below is a Live link of the project:

Desktop Version


Mobile Version


Live Link To The Project

Built with

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


  • VSCode
  • Git
  • Browser With Developer Tools

Project Setup

  1. Created a Github Repository
  2. Cloned the created repository to my local machine
  3. I created setup-project branch to create all the files needed for the project. These Files include:
    • .github/workflows directory to store the linter.yml file
    • images directory to store the images used in creating this project.
    • stylesheet directory to store the style files for styling the website
    • script directory to store the script files for the website
    • pages directory to store the pages files for the website
    • index.html to write the HTML code.
  4. Created 3 branches to build the project code.
  5. Opened the folder Using VSCode.
  6. Completed the HTML code first
  7. Completed the CSS part.
  8. Used Media queries to make the website responsive.
  9. Added anmations to the website.
  10. Deployed the website using Github Pages.

Project Documentation

Run Tests

I tested the website by running the code to a live server and opened it with Mozilla Firefox.To ensure the Webpage was responsive and was in a mobile version with both sections. I used the developer tools to see if it was responsive.

Authors 📑

David Kasilia Mwanzia

Contributing 🤝

Contributions, issues, and feature request are welcome anytime.

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    Dynamic page branch: Capstone Project Completion

    To Highlight

    • Created the speakers section by adding content dynamically from javascript
    • Documented the project using loom video:
    • Updated
    • Tested to ensure everything works okay.
    • Fixed the linters errors.
    • Deployed the project on dynamic page branch
    • Live link preview: