HTML & CSS Instagram phishing page which send you victim's credentials through your Discord webhook

  • By Venax
  • Last update: Jan 3, 2023
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Instagram Phishing Page

Do not forget to not use it for malicious purposes, it's only for educational purposes.
You are solely responsible for your actions, that's obviously not me.

How to use:

- My Instagram phishing page is really easy to use, you only have to replace WEBHOOK on line 101 by your Discord webhook :
- Next you upload it in your website (like netlify or 000webhost, they are free)
- When someone will login you will receive his credentials and he will be redirected to a funny video on Instagram for example.
- You can edit the redirection link by editing it on line 108 in the js part in HTML code.




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    Webhook not working.

    I edited the line 101, and included my discord webhook, however even after successfully loading the site onot netlify, i'm not getting the webhook to type out the users, and passwords (self running). edited 101"POST",""); also tried "POST" and" , "with space (dont worry ive not linked my webhook (link slightly changed/)

  • 2

    Installation files missing

    Hello, i have this issue where i download the folder, but in the folder there's no .exe file to install the application. Could you help me find the .exe file?