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  • Last update: Dec 21, 2022
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Full-Stack user behaviour analytics and engagement platform.

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Fusion is an open-source lightweight user behaviour analytics and engagement pltaform.

Its built upon a simplified low-code mixpanel like analytics engine with visual analytics, push-notification and email/micro-surveys.

Fusion shows how your users interact with your web based products eg: page-views, button clicks, form submissions etc. But apart from this, Fusion lets you engage with a specific user or group of user who have something in common or performed a particular action, in real-time with live-chat, in-app push notification, email/micro-surveys or set it up to trigger automatically.

🚀 Features

  • Event-driven Fusion sends events from your application for user interactions.

  • Visual-driven Fusion sends Visual Recording from your application for user interactions.

  • Product usage visualizations Unlike of google analytics you choose/customize your graphs on your custom dashboard. As graph type (line, bar, pie, table, count), timescale(minute, hourly, daily, weekly), dashboard name etc.

  • Open-source protect your user data, forget huge SAAS bills self-host on any infrastructure.

  • No-code autocapture after adding tracking snippet to your website fusion automatically captures what your users are doing (eg: login clicked, pricing page-view, profile form filled) without adding extra code.

  • Ready-made libraries for JS coming soon: Node, GO, Android iOS, PHP, Flutter, ReactNative Elixir, API

  • Real-time engagement suite Email Campaigns.

Self Hosting Commands

  • Build Docker Services and make up using docker compose.
  docker-compose up -d --build
  • Bring the container down
  docker-compose down

Development mode commands

  • Build the staging files
  docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.staging.yml build
  • Make the docker containter up
  docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.staging.yml up

📚 Documentation

Coming soon... Please connect with us over discord and we will help you setup fusion.

🧐 Community? Questions? Support ?

If you need help or just want to hang out, come, say hi on our Discord server.


Join our discord community to know more about fusion, product analytics and to connect with other users and contributors.

please share your ideas, questions and feedback, on our Github Discussions

Fusion - Released under the Fair Code License.




  • 1

    Add redis to event collector

    • [x] Add redis in the docker compose by taking a docker image of redis
    • [x] Add queues (Bullmq) in event collector
    • [x] Make the tracking engine compatible to event collector when queues are implemented
    • [x] Make queryservice changes inorder to have dynamic tables for session recording
  • 2

    Remove Auth0 dependency for authenitcation

    • [ ] Remove the auth0 JWT authentication from backend
    • [ ] Include new login, signup pages for react
    • [ ] include new auth rules in frontend
    • [ ] implement api key for backend
  • 3

    Fetch environment variable from base .env file rather than copying to the frontend folder in prod.sh

    Currently the env file for frontend in production is first copied from main env file to the folder and then used. Instead it should be fetched from the env_file of docker-compose.