Fortify Tabler Admin is a Laravel Fortify UI preset, built with an open source Tabler Admin Theme.

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  • Last update: Sep 3, 2022
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FortifyTablerAdmin is a Laravel Fortify UI preset, built with an open source Tabler Admin Template.


Install the package on the new Laravel 8 and above only, without additional packages like Jetstream or Laravel Ui. Laravel Fortify and FortifyUI will be installed automatically.


To get started, you'll need to install FortifyTablerAdmin using composer.

composer require akukoder/fortify-tabler-admin

Next, you'll need to run the install command:

php artisan fortify:tabler

The package will run database migration automatically. If you want to skip it:

php artisan fortify:tabler --skip-migration

Changing Layout

If you want to change the layout, just run this command:

php artisan fortify:layout

Create Example Pages

You can generate example page using the command below:

php artisan fortify:view

Currently, there are 10 pages included:

  • activity
  • faq
  • gallery
  • invoice
  • license
  • music
  • pricing-cards
  • search-result
  • tasks
  • users

You can view the demo for each layout from Tabler official demo.


All Fortify features enabled by default, and some other basic features to get you started.

  1. Login
  2. Registration
  3. Reset password
  4. Email verification
  5. Profile Information
  6. Update password
  7. Two-factor authentication
  8. Browser session
  9. User management
  10. Multiple dashboard layouts to choose
  11. Light or dark theme (per user setting)

Layout Type

There are 3 layouts you can choose:

  1. Horizontal
  2. Overlap
  3. Vertical

Sidebar Position

For vertical layout, your have option to set the sidebar position:

  1. Left
  2. Right


For both horizontal and vertical, you can choose the styling:

  1. Light
  2. Dark
  3. Transparent (vertical layout only)

Sticky Navbar

And if you choose horizontal, you have an option to set it to sticky.

Combo Header

For vertical layout, you can choose to enable header.

Known Issue

  1. Not working with Laravel Voyager.


For the documentations, please refer to the official websites.


FortifyTablerAdmin Screenshot

Horizontal Layout

Overlap Layout

Vertical Layout

Vertical Transparent Layout



FortifyTablerAdmin is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.



  • 1

    Installation CLI - Database not exists! Please create database for your application before proceeding.

    Running php artisan fortify:tabler after selecting some options I get the following error.

    Database not exists! Please create database for your application before proceeding.


    I am certain that I have the .env updated with the correct DB details, and is working properly with other Controllers and Models.

    Laravel Version


    PHP Version


  • 2

    It would be nice if there was a header option in the vertical layout mode. (combo)

    Dear akucoder, thank you very much for presenting this amazing package to us.

    I will do my best for the development of the package. As feedback and code support.


    Best regards

  • 3

    Username is required (auth.register)

    Register auth require name, username, email and password. First time register I got "Username is required" but the name field is already filled. So what I did was by adding one more input for username, and walla, can register!

    [here is the image Before adding one more input field] image

    [here is the image After adding one more input field] image

    but still cannot view dashboard because of another error [Undefined variable $slot]. Maybe I forgot something, let me check first

  • 4

    Failed to open stream: No such file or directory - Laravel 9

    Fortify UI has been installed. Proceeding to install the preset.


    copy(/Users/hakimj/source_code/fortify-test/resources/lang/en/auth.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory


    Hi, I got this error message after choosing layout, position and etc.. (php artisan fortify:tabler). Currently using Laravel 9 fresh installation

    Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 4 11 56 PM