Examples of using the DOM under Deno 🦕

  • By Kitson Kelly
  • Last update: May 3, 2022
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Using the DOM with Deno

This repository contains simple examples of using the DOM with Deno. It provides examples with several different libraries:

The deno.jsonc contains several tasks to run the examples.


Both the benchmarks and the deno_dom:native task uses the deno-dom FFI interface to directly call into Rust. If you are on a supported platform, there are already built binaries that will be cached. If you are on a currently unsupported version (ARM64, M1) then this requires that the native version of the code of the library to be built and the DENO_DOM_PLUGIN environment variable to point to that library. For instructions on how to do that, see: https://github.com/b-fuze/deno-dom#building-deno-dom-native

This repo expects that you are using Deno 1.20 or later.

To see what tasks are available, run the following:

deno task

To run the benchmarks use:

deno task bench