A standalone alternative to usrbg. Shares the same functionality.

  • By Tanukiee
  • Last update: Jun 29, 2022
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This project is abandoned.

A new version of this theme is now available with fixes. As I am retiring from the developement of this, it will now be the only official source of the theme. DOWNLOAD BELOW


Thanks, love y'all.


A alternative to usrbg by Discord-Custom-Covers

Installation guide

Sadly, support for powercord was abandoned due to it's terms of service.

For Theme Developers:

To install it in your theme, put this in:

@import url('https://flashc0rd.github.io/BetterBG/BetterBG.theme.css');


You can report issues on the Issues tab. All currently known issues can be found here.

Additional info:

BetterBG supports usrbg backgrounds, but they are disabled by default.
You can enable them, by removing the /* and */ in

/*@import url('https://discord-custom-covers.github.io/usrbg/dist/usrbg.css');*/

in the BetterBG.theme.css file.