A chrome extension that replaces your New Tab with a rich-text WYSIWYG editor

  • By ddupont
  • Last update: Jan 31, 2022
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Assignment Tracker++++

A rewrite of the chrome plugin Assignment Tracker++ by Natalie Stewart, adding a rich-text WYSIWYG editor for markdown, syntax highlighting, links, images, etc.



The extension can be downloaded from the chrome store

Alternatively, to install directly from this repo, do the following:


  • clone or download the repo.
  • follow these instructions to install unpacked from the cloned repo.

Current state:

  • Foreground color, background color are able to be configured in chrome://extensions within chrome
  • Supports text size, margins, links, images, custom fonts, text alignment, lists, and other text formatting options
  • Adds a context menu to quickly copy links or texts to your new tab page
  • Supports code syntax highlighting via hightlight.js