Repository for Marp Themes created with beauty and simplicity in mind.

  • By Paulo Cunha
  • Last update: Dec 27, 2022
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Marp Themes - marpstyle

Repository for Marp Themes created with beauty and simplicity as first concerns.

This set of styles were designed bearing simplicity and beauty in mind as first class requirements. As the first style (plato.css) got ready I decided to share. Hope sincerely you enjoy it and that it comes to be useful to as many users as possible.

More styles are due to come. Stay tuned!

Available Themes

Socrates Theme: pdf

Style: Plato

Plato Theme: pdf

Style: Plato

Hegel Theme: pdf

Style: Hegel


Remember to include the path to the style files (CSS files) in your workspace.code-workspace in order to make them available to your slide deck.

It might look similar to:

	"folders": [
			"path": "."
	"settings": {
		"markdown.marp.themes": [


Some of the fonts used in the available styles are listed below:

Fira (Plato Theme):


Noto Sans (Socrates Theme):




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    Set up theme application help

    Dear cunhapaulo, thank you so much for your excellent job for making the slides more beautiful! I use Marp for academic slides writing.

    However, some issues happened when I try to apply the default themes. I've pull a help here: Would you like to help?

    I am really interested in the project but I am a novice on coding... Thank you!

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    How to use with marp-cli ?

    Thanks for these beautiful styles. I cloned your repo and am able to see the styled slides perfectly with the vs code marp extension.

    However, I have not been able to make these work from the command line. Perhaps this is a question best directed at the marp-cli repo (on the use of themes), but I thought I'd check to see if perhaps you might know since it's an important use case.

    The relevant CSS files do not seem to be found. For example from the root of the marpstyle folder I try:

    marp --server ./examples --theme-set ./style

    This correctly gives me a choice to open any of the slide demos from the examples folder. But when I open any demo such as the rendered version in the slider presenter looks like this:


    Do you have any experience with using these styles from the command line, or any suggestions? THanks!

    update: I did post the same issue to the marp-cli repo, because thinking of this led to a few other questions:

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    How to change the CSS slightly


    Your css files for marp theme are awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

    I would like to only slightly modify it. But as a newbie of css, I met some trouble. I want to modify the looking of numbered list. It seems the related sentence is <!-- _class: cool-list --> in the md file, but in the corresponding css file seemingly no related description is included. I also noticed the @import "schema"; in the css file. Do you know where to find the "schema" file?