Create a leaderboard website that displays scores submitted by different players. It also allows you to submit your score.

  • By Andy Menutti
  • Last update: Aug 23, 2022
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Set up a tablescore with functionality to submit and refresh all scores passing through an API.

Built With

  • JavaScript
  • Webpack


Getting Started

Get a copy from this repository on GitHub at CODE (green icon) and paste into your code editor .

Take a look on ##src folder index.html & style.css files. You can change them to your needs.

All images are into folder /images.


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This project is MIT licensed.



  • 1

    Peer-to-peer Code Review: Day 4 Week 4

    The project looks great! Good job! We just have a few suggestions:

    • The data duplicates sometimes after refreshing.
    • I would suggest moving de 'modules' folder into the 'src'.