SublimeText, iterm, xcode, css, and textmate themes modeled after the vim zenburn theme.

  • By Colin T.A. Gray
  • Last update: Aug 8, 2022
  • Comments: 6

Port of Zenburn to CSS, TextMate, Sublime Text, and Xcode.

Zenburn CSS Demo Zenburn HTML Demo Zenburn Python Demo Zenburn Ruby Demo

Sublime Text

Install "zenburn" via Package Control, and open Preferences. Use any theme you like, I found Adaptive works well:

    "color_scheme": "Packages/zenburn/zenburn.tmTheme",
    "theme": "Adaptive.sublime-theme"


Preferences > Profiles > [Default profile] > Colors > Load Presets... > [zenburn.itermcolors]






mkdir -p ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes
cp zenburn.xccolortheme ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes

Zenburn Xcode Demo



  • 1

    Theme is broken in Sublime Text

    Colour scheme is great. But when I apply the theme, this is how it looks like:



    Sublime Text:
    * channel: stable
    * version: 3207
    * platform: linux
    * architecture: x64
    Dependency versions:
    * mdpopups: Version could not be acquired!
    * markdown: 2.6.11
    * pygments: 2.1a0
    * jinja2: 2.8
  • 2

    minor issue

    fileName Every time I start subl I get this error. Sometimes the text background is white (foreground black). After clicking the error window everything appears to be normal. Sublime Text Build 3207 Linux: Debian testing

  • 3

    Icon Error in Sublime Text 3

    Hey, I just installed your theme in Sublime Text 3 and ran into the following visual problem:

    screen shot 2013-09-10 at 11 41 40 am

    This only occurs on hover of a collapsed fold button. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • 4

    Not highlight


    I found that class names are not highlighted in the built-in java syntax. image

    Its scope name is, but Class type name in zenburn.tmTheme currently only supports:

    • entity.other.attribute-name.class.css
    • support.class

    Can you add into the list? Thanks!

  • 5

    Revamp sublime text

    To address issue #8, I'd love to work on getting this in so that we can have only one zenburn theme on packagecontrol for our users to download. I see that in the description for this repo, you mention that this is based on Vim. All of my changes are also based on Vim. I went syntax file by syntax file to ensure it was ported accurately.

    If you want to see the README changes I made in context, see

  • 6

    Improve to bring closer to Vim Zenburn theme

    Hello there!

    I've been working on a Sublime Text port of Zenburn (from the original Vim color scheme). It supports a ton of languages and is pretty dang close to the Vim version.

    In my package control PR, they suggested that I talk to you about incorporating my changes here. I think they're hoping to avoid 2 Zenburn color schemes in Package Control.

    If I created a PR here, would you be open to working with me to merge it in?

    All-in-all, I'm a big fan of Zenburn and would love to help improve your package. :D