typings.gg is a sleek and modern typing test website. it support many custom themes

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  • Last update: Jan 4, 2023
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typings.gg is a sleek and modern typing test website. it supports many custom themes



type the theme code for example dracula in the text box then hit [ windows: alt + t ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + t ], [ linux: super + ctrl + t or alt + t ]

available themes:

  • aurora

  • dark

  • light

  • 8008 inspired by GMK 8008 by Dixie Mech

  • 9009 inspired by GMK 9009 by Dixie Mech

  • burgundy inspired by GMK Burgundy by cocobrais

  • carbon inspired by SA Carbon by T0mb3ry

  • denim inspired by GMK Denim by T0mb3ry

  • dots inspired by GMK Dots by biip

  • dracula inspired by GMK Dracula by u/pikku-allu

  • eclipse inspired by GMK Eclipse by T0mb3ry

  • gruvbox adapted from Gruvbox

  • handarbeit inspired by Cherry Handarbeit

  • hyperfuse inspired by GMK HyperFuse origins by BunnyLake

  • mizu inspired by GMK Mizu by u/Rensuya

  • moderndolch inspired by GMK Modern Dolch by [Janglad](https://clavier.xyz

  • monokai inspired by Monokai for TextMate by Wimer Hazenberg

  • mrsleeves inspired by GMK Mr. Sleeves by Taeha Types

  • nord inspired by Nord Theme

  • nautilus inspired by GMK Nautilus by Zambumon

  • oblivion inspired by SA Oblivion by u/Oblotzky

  • olivia inspired by GMK Olivia by Olivia

  • phantom inspired by GMK Phantom by u/briano1905

  • rama inspired by Rama Works

  • sakura inspired by Varmilo Sakura by fr3fou

  • serika inspired by GMK Serika by Zambumon

  • solarizeddark [bonus: solarizedlight] inspired by GMK Solarized Dark by u/thesiscamper

  • vilebloom inspired by SA Vilebloom by u/UKKeycaps

  • yuri inspired by GMK Yuri by T0mb3ry

  • honeywell inspired by GMK Honeywell by Living Speedbump

  • spacecadet inspired by SA Space Cadet by 7bit

  • 1976 inspired by SA 1976 by Engicoder

  • godspeed inspired by SA Godspeed by Mito

  • leviathan inspired by SA Leviathan by OneCreativeMind

  • kobayashi inspired by SA Kobayashi by Madēo


  • Hold shift while pressing Redo to Restart the typing test using the same word list.


  • Press esc to restart a typing test


type the language code for example german in the text box then hit [ windows: alt + l ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + l ], [ linux: super + ctrl + l or alt + l ]

available languages:

  • english
  • english1000
  • italian
  • german
  • spanish
  • chinese
  • korean
  • polish
  • swedish
  • dots
  • punjabi
  • french
  • portuguese

typing mode

type the mode code for example time in the text box then hit [ windows: alt + m ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + m ], [ linux: super + ctrl + m or alt + m ]

available modes:

  • wordcount
  • time


type true or false then hit [ windows: alt + p ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + p], [ linux: super + ctrl + p or alt + p ] to activate/deactivate punctuations

theme menu

in this menu you can see all the available themes to choose from, along with a small preview. hit escape or click 'back' to exit


wpm: total number of characters (including spaces) of words you got right divided by five then divided by the time starting from first character typed

acc: total number of characters (including spaces) of words you got right divided by all character in the list of words





  • 1

    New keyboard shortcut

    I've been using typings.gg from last few days and loving it. However, I'm feeling that there can be some feature which will save a lot of time like keyboard shortcuts for themes and restart typing after it's done. Instead of using mouse for it keyboard shortcut will be more productive. Thank you for this amazing application.

  • 2

    Config page

    Similar to the themes page - the config page allows you to access the configuration options without memorising codes and key combos.

    Added two classes to every theme so that they can be used without altering the themes files everytime we want to add a new element.

    Changed the wpm and acc to lowercase to follow the design of the website.

    Added a title to the left wing (time: / word:) to indicate which typing mode is active.

    The config page is quite bare, feel free to leave feedback / make changes.

  • 3

    Hold shift while pressing Redo to keep the current word list

    Based on user request #26 I implemented an easy way to restart a typing test using the same word list by holding shift while pressing redo. (Also works when you focus on redo and press shift+enter)

  • 4

    Request: Expand word range

    Iv been using your app pretty consistently for a few weeks now and I'm getting too familiar with your word set. Can you expand the range of words that you use.

  • 5

    Replaced a french word

    The French language text has the word "cœur" in it, which, as you can see, is spelled with the "œ" character, that is not easily accessible on most keyboards.

    I think it would be an improvement for French typers to replace that word, in my case, I have put the word "eux" instead, which stands for "them".

  • 6

    Suggestion: Remove the redo button competely and make 'tab' the redo key

    Just a thought - instead of pressing tab + enter to restart the test you could just remove the button, make it a bit cleaner and just have the tab key restart the test by adding a key listener and checking for tab keycode.

  • 7

    Update README.md

    super + ctrl + X combos weren't working for me on linux (firefox in ubuntu 18.04), but the windows version (alt + X) was working just fine, so I figured I'd update the docs.

  • 8

    Question about XHR vs fetch()


    I noticed that in some places of the code, such as


    you use an XMLHttpRequest, whereas in other places, such as


    you use fetch. Any reason why? If you'd like I could quickly fix it up and make them both use fetch :>

  • 9

    Could there be a way to customize theme without keyboard shortcuts?

    I am not sure if the shortcuts are being intercepted in the middle by my browser/desktop and am unable to change anything. I tried using it with no addons in the browser. I also tried changing my keyboard layout to mac, just to find out if that might help. It didn't.

    I am on Linux(Sabayon), using Firefox with BSPWM.

  • 10

    [Language Request] Bengali/ বাংলা Language

    Hi. Can you add Bengali/ বাংলা language, please? There are two options if you consider adding the language.

    1. Phonetic --Types Bengali if you input English

    You can look into this website or the app - https://www.easybengalityping.com https://www.omicronlab.com/avro-keyboard.html

    1. Non-Phonetic -- Bengali input only
  • 11

    [Themes] Added new themes honeywell, spacecadet, 1976 and more

    Added the following themes:

    • honeywell inspired by GMK Honeywell by Living Speedbump honeywell

    • spacecadet inspired by SA Space Cadet by 7bit spacecadet

    • 1976 inspired by SA 1976 by Engicoder 1976

    • godspeed inspired by SA Godspeed by Mito godspeed

    • leviathan inspired by SA Leviathan by OneCreativeMind leviathan

    • kobayashi inspired by SA Kobayashi by Madēo kobayashi

  • 12

    CSS Variable Based Theming

    CSS Custom Properties allow you to easily define values in a variable. Currently it seems that theme stylesheets just hardcode in the colors to given elements, which probably won't scale well if you plan to add new features to the site that need theming.

    Custom properties are supported on all major browsers.

  • 13

    Miscalculation on Test (maybe a one-off occurrence)

    Hey - great app. Found your site a while ago and have been using it to stay sharp on typing (for various reasons) ever since.

    I'm somewhat of a fast typer. Getting a score above 180+ WPM on the 50-word test is not unusual for me (screenshot below to evidence that)


    However, when taking one test, I noticed that it rendered a score of 262 for some reason (with 90% accuracy)


    I know that I don't type this fast and I'm fairly certain this isn't humanly possible. I was going to ignore it, but I thought - meh, might as well submit this as an issue since this is an aberration.

    Probably Not a Big Deal

    1. I've taken multiple tests on this site for probably a year almost at this point (guessing at least 1k+ tests total), and have never experienced anything like this - so I don't think that this is a problem with the site, code itself or anything of that nature.

    2. I have a few browser add-ons that may have screwed with the scripts or their ability to register the words typed (within a given time frame properly).

    My guess is that lag of some sort probably played the biggest role in what I saw today. Again, this project has functioned excellently and tends to be my go-to whenever I want to get my hands "warm" for some work that I need to do later in the day.

    Great job with this once again. Just submitting this in case this is indicative of some actual issue in the future & people need a reference to point back to.

  • 14

    Add average performance

    First of all, I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect way to submit a pull request. Its my first time doing one on GitHub.

    I thought that it would be interesting to be able to see your average accuracy and WPM so this branch implements that saving the sum of total accuracy and WPM scores as well as total tests completed inside cookies and displaying the resulting averages below the main text box.

    Cookies are still set to a 90 day expiry so stats will reset after that time but of course, that can be extended if it makes sense to (I'm not clear on what the best practice for storing cookies over long periods of time is).